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‘R-88 Acesulfulzel’ 88mm Subspace Enhanced Railgun

Lorath Matriarchy Matriarchy and United Manufacturing Cooperative designed and manufactured 88mm subspace assisted railgun, developed YE 36 -37, produced YE 37.

Nomenclature Information

Designer: Lorath Matriarchy, United Manufacturing Cooperative, support components designed by Lazarus Consortium Manufacturer: Lorath Matriarchy, United Manufacturing Cooperative, Nepleslian Arms and Munitions. Name: LM-LRA-03-371) This weapon is also known as R-88 ‘Acesulfulzel’, with ‘R’ officially standing for ‘Railgun’, unofficially, standing for a variety of words that would be less than reputable. Officially, the development name of the weapon has been documented as ‘Acesulfulzel2)’. Type: Railgun Artillery. Role: Anti-Power Armor/Frame, Anti-Tank, Anti-Starship. Length: 3.64 Meters Mass: 2154.56 Kg Rate of Fire: 625 RPM (Exterior Loader Assist Required)

About the R-88

A continuation of conventional Lorath railgun design, the R-88 has been designed as a mid-caliber artillery piece, mainly designed to fill in the niche produced by the introduction of the Powered Frame, which has made due with the use of the L-Mark-Two which had its own inherent limitations due to a reliance on volume of fire, over accuracy and stopping power. Developed with accuracy in mind, the R-88 has been designed as a mobile and low-profile artillery piece, suitable for heavy-PA, frame, tank, and light-starship usage. Due to the requirements of the R-88’s intended purpose, supplemental development consultation was conducted with the aid of the Lazarus Consortium, which was able to streamline the unit from having a weight of 4756 Kg, to a manageable 2154.56 Kg in a 1G environment, while maintaining a design which would be producible using equipment available to most modern production firms.

During late development of the R-88 system, political climate changes permitted the Nepleslian arms supplier ‘Nepleslian Arms and Munitions’ to witness tests of the weapon prior to its YE37 release, prompting an arms production licensing deal, allowing the Nepleslian company to produce the R-88 for use by the Democratic Imperium.


R-88 railguns have a distinctive two-section design, with the forward section being composed of the barrel and accelerator assembly, with the accelerator assembly placed outside of the barrel, preventing direct contact between the projectile and accelerator assembly. At the rear of the weapon is the cylinder-receiver and, if loaded, the ammunition cylinder. Notably the R-88 may have various housings depending on vehicle mounting or deployment intent.

Discharge Information

Firing Mechanism

Loading of the weapon is carried out through the insertion of the magazine cylinder into the cylinder-housing of the weapon. Upon insertion, the cylinder is automatically secured into place, with chambers unaligned to the barrel for safety purposes. Upon being brought out of safe-mode, the cylinder is mechanically rotated to bring a chamber into alignment with the barrel of the weapon. A specific chamber of the cylinder can be selected if mixed loads are present. On activation of discharge, a low-power subspace encasement field is established within the cylinder housing, while an intense electromagnetic field is established, propelling the projectile down barrel and out of the weapon. Once the projectile clears the cylinder, the cylinder can then automatically rotate to the next chamber, allowing for an immediate discharge if desired.

Ammunition Description

DR/Power Self-Powered: Tier 8 or Tier 9, Medium Anti-Mecha or Heavy Anti-Mecha (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which)/Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha Kinetic Damage3) DR/Power Exterior-Power: Tier 11, Medium Anti-Starship 4) DR/Power Exterior-Power With Starship Mount & Barrel Extension: Tiers 13 through 15, Light Anti-Capital Ship through Heavy Anti-Capital Ship (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which)5) Caliber: 88x855mm Damage Description: Varies by ammunition, however, impact damage and molecular destabilization remain constant so long as weapon is fired at optimal power levels. Effective Range Usually limited to five light seconds for targeting purposes. Maximum Range: Theoretically unlimited Muzzle Velocity Range - Self Powered: 1116 FPS to 119,916.88 Km/s Muzzle Velocity Maximum - Exterior Power Supply: 299,762.47 Km/s Muzzle Blast: Light distortion, destructive gaseous burst and shock-wave in atmosphere. Firing Modes: Single Shot, Three Round Burst. Recoil: Heavy, requires gravitic stabilization and recoil dampening equipment when used by power armor. Energy Source: Ammunition cylinder contained capacitor or vehicle mount. Ammunition Capacity: 5

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Computer control Fire Mode Selector: Computer control Weapon Sight: Independent sensor system, Lorath sensor package. Munitions Cylinder: 88mm Munitions Cylinder. Attachment Hard Points: Nerimium honeycomb mounting hard points. Accessories: Starship mounting brackets, acceleration barrel extension. Energy Source: Ammunition Cylinder Capacitor System, Outboard Power Sources. Standard Functional Components: EM accelerator system, Subspace accelerator system, Field stabilization housing, 88mm Munitions Cylinder, Built in common Lorath Sensor Packages, System interface ports, Target data computer6), Misc. minor components.


25,000 KS/HS Retail.


:!: Note: Munition Damage Ratings Do Not Account For Acceleration Derived Damage :!:

Lorath Solid Munitions, 88mm x 855mm

Railgun Systems can be used to provide initial propulsion to sabot encased missiles.
Lorath Matriarchy – Long Ranged Artillery – 03 – YE 37
Lorath Cultural Note: This name refers to the 'Acesufuluemia' acquired cellular disease which can be traced to Lor, this disease was a noted pandemic 75 years prior to Yamataian contact, and has been the target of an eradication campaign which has made considerable progress since.
3) , 4)
Not Including Individual Round Parameters
Not including individual round parameters

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