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Lorath 610mm Subspace Enhanced Railgun

Lorath Matriarchy Matriarchy and United Manufacturing Cooperative designed and manufactured 610mm subspace assisted railgun, developed YE 29 - YE 32, produced YE 33.

Nomenclature Information

Designer: Lorath Matriarchy, United Manufacturing Cooperative Manufacturer: Lorath Matriarchy, United Manufacturing Cooperative Name: LM-LRA-02-331) AKA B.S.O.D, a monicker assigned by field personnel, meanings vary2). Type: Railgun Artillery Role: Planetary Bombardment, Anti-Starship, Anti-Station Length: 30 Meters 3) Mass: 160 Tons 4) Rate of Fire: Two Rounds Per Minute

About the LM-LRA-02-33

With the continued progress of the NMX in their offensive against the Yamatai Star Empire, and their push resulting in the collapse of the United Outer Colonies, the Lorath Matriarchy Matriarchy had found itself in a situation of having to commit to a full on war, which would inevitably result in combat against fortified planets, and structures. Due to this simple fact, the Lorath Matriarchy commissioned the development of a large artillery piece which would carry over the technology used on projects such as the L-Mark-Two and similar subspace enhanced railgun weapons, and even elaborating on long-existing railgun artillery platforms in use on Lorath held worlds. Carrying on the tradition of those weapons, the LM-LRA-02-33 has been designed to be deployed on large starships, planetary bodies, and stations.


LM-LRA-02-33 units without exterior housings or mountings have several distinctive exterior features. A barrel which is encased in several sets of subspace field emitters, as well as sections of electromagnetic rail, with a front end which includes a field projector-stabilizer. Behind the barrel, a capacitor bank and initial subspace field projector unit are directly adjacent to the barrel. Behind the pre-accelerator is the primary assembly, which includes primary power systems, subspace field generators, initial electromagnetic accelerator systems, and energy discharge compensator equipment. At the rear of the weapon is the loading assembly, where rounds are loaded into the weapon.

Pictured 'Bare', Without Mounting, Housing, or Turret Assembly.

Discharge Information

Firing Mechanism

When a round is loaded into the weapon, it is inserted into the primary assembly, where the round is subjected to an initial electromagnetic field which delivers acceleration to the round. As the round progresses down the barrel, it passes between stages of electromagnetic rail, each of which deliver increasing acceleration. Along with each electromagnetic rail stage are subspace field emitters, which are used to reduce the mass constant of the round for the duration of its acceleration, thus reducing the required energy to accelerate the round. As the round passes through the final portion of the barrel, it is subjected to a final series of EM pulses as well as an intense subspace field which permits the round to attain its peak velocity prior to leaving the barrel.

Ammunition Description

DR/Power: Tiers 13 through 15, Light Anti-Capital Ship through Heavy Anti-Capital Ship (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which) Kinetic Damage5) Caliber: 610mm Damage Description: Varies by ammunition, however, impact damage and molecular destabilization remain constant so long as weapon is fired at optimal power levels.

Effective Range Usually limited to five light seconds for targeting purposes. Maximum Range: Theoretically unlimited Muzzle Velocity: Speeds Providing Accurate Fire To 400,000 KM. Muzzle Blast: Light distortion, gaseous burst in atmosphere. Firing Mode: Single Shot Recoil: Immense, requires gravitic stabilization and nerimium mounting structure, not suitable for ships smaller than 'cruiser' in category. Energy Source: Dedicated starship-grade QNC or Antimatter reactor, with capacitor systems

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Computer control Fire Mode Selector: Computer control Weapon Sight: Independent sensor system, Lorath sensor package. Attachment Hard Points: Nerimium mounting hard points. Energy Source: QNC, Antimatter Reactor, Capacitor Systems.


2,500,000 KS/HS


:!: Note: Munition Damage Ratings Do Not Account For Acceleration Derived Damage :!:

Lorath Solid Munitions, 610mm x 1524mm

Note: 610mm Railgun Systems can be used to provide initial propulsion to saboted M-Sized Missiles and Torpedoes
Lorath Matriarchy – Long Ranged Artillery – 02 – YE 33
Big Shooty Object Of Death… a rather silly monicker, which discribes the weapon quite well
3) , 4)
Minus support equipment
Not Including Individual Round Parameters

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