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LSDF Family Quarters

The LSDF designed family living quarters are designed to provide accommodations for an Lorath family. Designed for civilian-style comfort, these quarters are often viewed as a peak of sorts in regard to amenities and comforts available while on deployment.


Designed to serve as a housing solution for a full-size Lorath family including two to four adults, up to a dozen children, and even pets, the family-intended living quarters are quite space consuming and luxurious. The reasoning behind the design of the living quarters focuses mainly on the way which the Lorath culture places importance on family life, which made a priority to allow for deployed personnel to accommodate their family while on a long-term deployment while maintaining a high quality of life.


Note: Many furnishings for the family living quarters are provided by the family assigned to the quarters.

  • Multi-room construction
  • Two to three bedrooms, each with a pit-style bed, closet, and family selected amenities
  • Food storage and refrigeration chamber for personally owned food supplies
  • Dining set and dining area
  • General living/lounge area
  • Entertainment/play room
  • Workroom with desk, computer interface, and user-specific amenities
  • Cabinet style shelves
  • Two bathrooms with baths, showers, toilets, sinks, and grooming areas
  • Domestic animal waste disposal area
  • Dedicated life-support supply unit
  • Secondary emergency exit
  • 'Safe Room' designed with Nerimium plate construction, life support system, and forcefield system. These rooms are designed to potentially survive the explosive destruction of a facility or ship in which they are installed in.
  • Additional features added at the request of an assigned family

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