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Organic Tissue Culture Technology

The “Organic Tissue Culture Technology” is a system which consists of a climate controlled controlled containment unit which also includes cloning and culture growth technology, allowing for one organic tissue sample to serve as a catalyst to produce a nearly never ending supply of organic material intended for consumption, experimentation, and other uses, so long as raw organic materials are provided to the system through an outside source.

Food Production Technology

The following is a list of organic tissue culture systems which are presented in a 'chamber' format. These systems are often installed in kitchens aboard starships, stations, and oDocTomoeutposts to provide an easily replenishable source of food.

  • Meat: Through the use of a tissue sample from healthy genetic stock gathered from cattle, the meat culture chamber produces a two meter by two meter lump of meat every day.
  • Fruit: By utilizing multiple culture systems and feeding the product into a blending chamber, the fruit culture chamber produces a multi-fruit paste by the bucket full. Excess fluids from the process are drained to a containment unit which contains the fruit juices for later consumption.
  • Vegetable: Much like the fruit culture method, the vegetable system produces a green sludge-like paste which incorporates various vegetables into one combined product. Much like the fruit variant, excess juices are stored in a container for crew consumption.
  • Dairy: By utilizing the culture system, a steady production of dairy product can be produced and fed into a double-chambered culture unit. In one chamber, the dairy product goes through a treatment and catalyst induction process which produces a blended cheese product. The other chamber yields a sweetened yet creamy milk product.
  • Grain: The grain production culture chamber also includes a milling system which produces a fine powder-like grain product which can be utilized to produce Bread, cereals, imitation rice, pasta, and flour.

OOC Notes

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