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LSDF Computer Chamber

Serving as the brain-center of Lorath Self Defense Force installations and starships, the 'Computer Chamber', houses the primary computing systems of a starship or installation. Ranging in size depending upon the application, computer chambers house Lorath computing technology systems such as the Neural Processor Pack system and ARIA Ship Control System along with their related subsystems which ensure proper function. ARIA and Neural Processor technologies are often used in tandem with each other, combined with basic electronic computers and some quantum computing systems to produce the results of a fully functional Lorath computer core. Computer chambers house these systems in a manner which allows for work crews to repair damaged systems, while also protecting these systems from potential interference or damage.

Ensuring the safety of the computer core mainly falls to the structure of the computer chamber, which is comprised of several different layers of material including Durandium Alloy, Nerimium, boron carbide, radiation capturing material, Stone Thread, and in some applications; Duremium Alloy. These materials are used to produce computer chambers of various high-strength geometries such as spheres, cubes, pyramids, oblate spheroids, and similar structures. Materials are also combined to produce a Faraday Cage around the computing system to prevent electromagnetic interference. Access to the computer chamber is regulated by a vault style airlock hatch which is comprised of the same material layers as the rest of the chamber, and is secured using a multitude of Lorath locking technologies. Internally, the computer core is defended by various defense systems which range from lethal to less than lethal, and vary depending upon the chamber size, shape, and application. Aside from the primary access point, a secondary access point can be installed to be used solely by the ARIA ship control system, in the event of a ship or installation having a mobile ARIA which may require the capability to move in and out of the computer chamber.

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