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Intra-Species Relationships

This page provides insight into the intricacies of inter-racial interactions between the dominant species of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo the Qaktoro and Tula.

See the latest Vonai Γ‚lynte (Demographics).



The Qaktoro see the Tula as members of the Clan. Often though unless they are directly interacting with a Tula, they tend to overlook them. Depending on the Jaeli (Sects) that the individual belongs can also often influence how they interact withTula. Tavi Fua Jael (Blood Tooth Sect) and Veltin Usapo Jael (Swift Knife Sect) tend to be almost intolerant of them, or at best see them as a necessary evil. The other Jaeli tend to be more comfortable dealing with the Tula, but they do perceive them as a lesser class. They acknowledge the contributions the Poku Vit (Plant Clan) make, and believe the Tula have their place, doing things that most Qaktoro think is beneath them.

Friendships though do happen, but it normally takes a Qaktoro a lot longer to acknowledge a Tula as a friend. Most tend to treat them like annoying younger sibling. But they will not tolerate another Qaktoro abusing a Tula as there is no honor in it.


The Tula respect the Qaktoro, and have no problem forming friendships with them. A Tula has to learn how to interact with their cousins. The mindset of the Qaktoro is fairly easy for them to understand even if they do not fathom it. But knowing how their cousins think helps them in their relationships. A Tula will consider a Qaktoro a friend and act like it, long before the sentiments are returned.

Interracial Breeding

Sharing a common ancestry means that the Tula and Qaktoro are biologically compatible. Although the results of such breeding depends greatly upon the role of each parent.


While tolerated the practice is frowned upon. Most of the results of such a union are seen as Poku'sa (Less than Clan) or inferior. Typically there is a stigma associated with them among the Qaktoro. The stigma persists even if they pass the Baqnor (move from youth). This tends to either drive the affected individual to excel to prove themselves, or withdraw from the Qaktoro.

It is not common, but some Punlai will accept such children and raise them as they would any Qaktoro baqli. While some other families accept these children but see them as limited in what they can achieve.

Sometimes due to pressure from their Punla (Family) a female Qaktoro that is unwed and pregnant by a Tula will give birth to the child in a medical facility that tends to Tula and leave the child there to be adopted by others. Depending on the Punla resources they will cover up the pregnancy by providing a cover story.

Other times, the female will ask a male friend to claim to be the father, knowing that her Punla will pay to have the child declared unclean in the Fofipa (to cleanse). In some cases the female and her friend will marry later.

See Subspecies section for information regarding this progeny.


The mindset of the Tula is opposite of their cousins. They see such offspring as a blessing from Siamaka, and like a new species of plant. A source of wondrous possibilities. Among the Tula these children are accepted and encouraged to become active in the subculture.

See Subspecies section for information regarding this progeny.

Interracial Marriage

Marriage between the two species does happen, but it is an uncommon event. But there are times the heart wants what the heart wants, and a couple will decide to make their relationship official. Even if this act brings about consequences.


Among most Qaktoro such a marriage is always looked on with disdain. Even if the Tula has passed the Qaktoro Baqnor (move from youth). Unless the Tula has distinguished themselves, often the Qaktoro will lose some of their standing in the clan.

If the Tula has not passed the ritual such a marriage is seen to be a disgrace to their Ruoka (House), and could result in the Qaktoro being kicked out of the family.


Among the Tula such a marriage is not a shameful thing. They will counsel the individual to ensure that they realize what they will face in such a marriage. But they will not seek to prevent it.


The offspring of a Qaktoro and a Tula have unique characteristics depending on the which parent is which. For this reason they are considered different subspecies. These unique attributes can make it difficult if not impossible to try and pass themselves off as a pure blood. The percentage of subspecies members in the clan has more than tripled since before the Norka (The Exodus).


A Tuoro is the resulting offspring of a male Tula and a female Qaktoro.


A Qakla is the resulting offspring of a male Qaktoro and a female Tula.

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