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Primal Fury

The Primal Fury is a project started by Origin Industries in YE 36 to produce a series of back mounted units designed to be used with the Gekido Extend and be interchangeable to allow the Gekido to have quick simple refitting to suit a mission, as well as providing a drone system.

Though the components were not all designed by Yori Kataoka the original idea and basic concepts of the OI-O2-1A Hunter and chaser are from her.

More about Primal Fury concept

The concept of the Primal Fury is based off the general idea of the OI-O1-1A Kirin Feather but taken a step further and integrating it into a modular system as well as providing a drone with more robust capabilities. For this to work the OI-M3-1A Gekido had to be redesigned slightly to accommodate the system, and thus the Gekido Extend was created.

What are Primal Fury back units

Primal Fury back units serve two primary purposes to the Gekido Extend. First is that they act as a back mounted accessory pack, providing a variety of armaments and functions on a easily switched out platform for quick and simple refitting. The second purpose they serve is that the back unit can be separated and used as a drone that can be controlled from the second seat directly, or given simple orders that will be executed by the FATE Type-S systems on board the pack.

Primal Fury Units

  • chaser(article not finished): A unit designed for high speed aerial and space combat with powerful direct fire energy beams. When separated it becomes a hawk like aerial drone.
  • OI-O2-1A Hunter: Designed primarily for slower pace terrestrial combat taking advantage of missiles and an energy Gatling. When separated it becomes a quad tread tankette reminiscent of a wolf.

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