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Gekido variations

This page is a page dedicated to post partial variations to the OI-M3-1A Gekido. These variations are acutal alterations to the frame itself. Different accessories that are modular or removable without a total overhaul should not be listed.

Gekido Extend

The Gekido extend is a minor variation to the OI-M3-1A Gekido in which the back has been redesigned to allow for a modular hard point system. This has lowered it's standard maneuverability due to the removal of the back mounted thrusters. A leg mounted thruster system was added and the alignment thrusters along the body have been strengthened to allow it to still fly. The 'Gekido Extend' is always a two seater unit as well.



Ground speed (Hover): 190 KPH Air speed: Mach 3.2 Zero Atmosphere: .200c

Modular Hard points

Hard points for back mounted units have been added


Crew:Always uses 2 seater cockpit

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2014/06/04 12:36 by Syaoran.

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