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OI-O2-1A Hunter

More about Hunter

The Hunter pack was designed in YE 36 by Origin Industries to serve as a starter for the Primal Fury project. It was designed specifically for terrestrial combat and hunting down multiple targets and neutralizing them. While it currently is designed to maintain a slim and light profile so it only has a few weapons, this might change in the future if things go well.

Due to extensive testing the Hunter pack did not become commercially available until YE 37

Statistical Information

Government: Various Buyers Organization: Origin Industries Type: Support Combat Drone Designation: OI-O2-1A Designer: Origin Armor Works and Yori Kataoka Manufacturer: Origin Industries

Appearance: When in drone mode the Hunter pack takes the appearance of a sleek quadruped tankette painted to match the color scheme of the Gekido it was equipped to. Each leg has a tread on it that serves as it's primary propulsion method. On the top of the body is a small turret that extends from the body like a head and neck with a short barreled energy gatling gun. On it's front two legs, mounted on the 'shoulders' are 4 chamber missle pods. Width: 2.3m (0.6m backpack) Length: 3m (1.6m backpack) Height: 1.6m(standing) (2m backpack) Mass(Combat Load): 600kg


Drone mode

  • Land speed:150KPH(Boost) 100KPH(standard) 30KPH(walk)
  • Air speed: N/A (uses thrusters to 'jump')
  • Zero Atmosphere: N/A
  • Range: up to 250 KM away from the parent unit
  • Operational Time: 5 Hours

Backpack mode (changes to the Gekido Extend's performance) mode

  • Land speed:220KPH
  • Air speed: Mach 5.0
  • Zero Atmosphere: .250c

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Hull: 15 Shields: 10 (Threshold 1)

Weapons Systems

(1) Energy Gatling Gun

Purpose: Anti-Armor Suppression Location: Turret mounted on drone(between shoulder and neck in backpack mode) Damage: Tier 5 or Tier 6, Medium Anti-Armor or Heavy Anti-Armor (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which) Range: 200 meters in atmosphere,100,000 KM in space Rate of Fire: 1000RPM Muzzle Velocity: 1c Muzzle Flash: A bright lime green pulse of energy

(2): 4x Mini-missile launcher

Two 4 chamber mini-missile pods are mounted on the unit. The intent was to deliver a tracking weapon system to force targets into unfortunate situations. The design is a slightly more combat 4 chamber of the Origin Mini-missile Pod and uses the same missiles

Systems Descriptions

Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

Hull and Chassis

Hull and chassis construction is very similar to the Gekido, however it is much thinner, only a handful of layers thick. Another notable difference is that a more reactive kinetic dampening system was installed under the armor. While this system does not have as much strength as the other one it is more focused to taking a higher number o smaller impacts simultaneously without too much compromising it's usefulness against larger ordinance


A shield emitters is located in the main portion of the chassis. It uses similar generators to the Gekido, one being gravitic and the other electromagnetic. When in backpack mode the shield is not on, however if one of the other generators is taken out it is possible to turn this one on to restore shield integrity without having to over clock the primary shield system.


The Hunter is powered by a HONEY BURST reactor that provides power to the entire drone. Then it attaches to a Gekido it starts drawing power from the main reactor instead, so that it can keep as much operation time as possible.


Propulsion is handled by a treads. However speed is limited. The primary thruster can but used for temporary boost of speed up to 150kph as well as to 'jump', auxiliary thrusters in the legs can be used for quick rotation of the body. All thruster output increases when synched to the Gekido's main reactor.


Hunter has a FATE system on board that is synched to the Gekido unit. The unit's on board systems are for handling computation and AI functions without lag, but all data is sent to and recorded by the Gekido unit.


While incorporating the sensor types of the FATEOS the large range was not needed and was tonned do to merely 1000km however to take advantage of this gap in memory the Hunter has an emphasis on detail and multi-target pursuit that allow it to receive detailed information on simultaneous targets passively.

Targeting control

The Hunter can lock onto 36 individual targets separate from the Gekido Extend. and provide detailed sensory data on them.


The drone is capable of standard communications for the FATEOS system

Electronic Warfare

Uses the integrated CECS system for basic electronic warfare.

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