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Lelpa'jyaon (Finances)

Poku Afirmu (Clan Crest)

This page contains information regarding finance and currency of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo.

The Poku'vonai use hard lelpa (currency) for day to day transactions. Each city state within the Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station) produces their own currency. However all currency conform to precise standards so they can be used anywhere in the Sotâka Ruomâqi (World Station). All currency has the likeness of Kotoz Mui on the front.


The majority of day to day transactions within the Poku Saeruo Degonjo are done with hard currency, in the form of the Odawina (OW). Larger transactions are handled via electronic transactions, but they are backed up by actual hard currency in one of the banks. Poku Saeruo Degonjo members do not use debit cards or credit cards. All electronic transactions are handled by computer terminals.

Lelpa Ruohu

Lelpa Ruohu means money building, or financial institution. Each operates under the governance of the City State they are located in. The majority of them are operated by the Jaeli (Sects), although some of the Rouka'ka operate their own institutions.


Lelpa'jyaon (money rules) vary depending on what category the transaction takes place in. Finances fall into one of these categories:


  • Taxes - Every Poku'vonai pays taxes on their earnings at 8% to the City State they reside in.
  • Tithes - Every Poku'vonai pays a tithe 4% to their Ruoka (House) and Jaeli (Sects).
  • Salary - Poku'vonai salaries vary depending on the rank of an individual within their sect, and their time in that rank. Some Poku'vonai opt to work for a Boon.


  • Every family pays an annual tithe to their Ruoka (House) of 8% of their asset increase.


  • Every Ruoka (House) is taxed annually at 8% on its wealth increase.
  • Loans can be obtained from a Ruoka (House). For families within the Ruoka (House) they traditionally charge 4%. For other Ruoka (House) they tend to charge 8%. All loans must be secured by collateral. In the case of a major purchase such as a starship, the vessel itself is the collateral.


  • The Jaeli (Sects) take the tithes that are paid by their members and use it to purchase equipment, ships, and pay salaries.
  • Sects can take loans out when they need to make large purchases.

Trade Taxes

All transactions of trade are subject to a 2% tax which must be paid by the seller. It comes out of the price agreed upon and is not levied on after.

City State

  • Taxes are collected by each City State. This money is used to fund the maintenance and operation of each city state, including public services, salaries, repairs, and projects.

Kâbolelpa and Lelpafiqori

Most Poku'vonai receive a kâbolelpa salary or wage paid once a odasaenor (week). Poku'vonai have the option of choosing to work for Boon.


Rank Weekly pay Monthly Pay
Jael-Ta'a (Sect Speaker) 650 Gold OW 2,600 Gold OW
Kasâvyjo'ka (Senior Master) 450 Gold OW 1,800 Gold OW
Kasâvyjo'sa (Master) 300 Gold OW 1,200 Gold OW
Kasâvyjo (Junior Master) 180 Gold OW 720 Gold OW
Sasâvyjo'ka (Senior Journeyman) 120 Gold OW 480 Gold OW
Sasâvyjo'sa (Journeyman) 90 Gold OW 360 Gold OW
Sasâvyjo (Junior Journeyman) 60 Gold OW 240 Gold OW
Sâvyjo'ka (Senior Apprentice) 42 Gold OW 168 Gold OW
Sâvyjo'sa (Apprentice) 30 Gold OW 120 Gold OW
Sâvyjo (Junior Apprentice) Boon *
Initiate Boon *

Members receive a bonus of 10% per year in their rank. * Do not receive a time in rank bonus


Members of the Clan at low level ranks do not receive a salary. Instead they receive boon, which works along the same lines as the Yamatai Prestige System.


Some occupations will offer the participants lelpafiqori (shares) rather than a flat wage. One example is the members of a hunt do not receive a weekly salary, instead they receive shares in the profit of the hunt.

OOC Notes

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