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Istrossi Anoura-ae ActactotB

Istrossi Anoura-ae ActactotB is a player character played by Whisper.

Istrossi Anoura-ae ActactotB
Species & Gender: Tsumi Female
Date of Birth: YE 15
Organization: NDC Military
Occupation: Member of S.A.B.E.R.
Rank: Phalanx (N1)
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots:

  1. NDC Exploration Plot

Physical Description

  • Height: 380 cm (3.8 meters)
  • Weight: 160 kg
  • Skin Color: Deep red
  • Hair Color: White
  • Horns: Red; angled up and then sharply forwards

Istrossi is an incredibly beautiful woman - if you're into nearly 4 meters of thick muscle and exaggerated curves. She typically wears clothes that let her show off her build while still looking fashionable.

Casual Clothing:

  • Jacket - Open front. Stops just beneath the ribs. Sleeves are bunched just beneath the elbow of her upper arms. Her lower arms are not covered by the jacket.
  • Corset - Black leather in the usual Tsumi fashion. Keeps things in place, looks good while doing it.
  • Pants - Tight, body-suit like material or leather pants with straps up the sides.

Istrossi is typically caries various personal weapons that she can find in her size, though she prefers heavy weaponry as a general rule. She wears clothing appropriate for the occasion when preparing for battle.


  • What are they like?
    • Gregarious in general, Istrossi does her best to get on with everyone around her. She has little interest in posturing, intimidation, or drama. She'd rather be blowing something up or getting whatever passes for a drink at the nearby bar than getting mucked down by such trivialities. She can be stubborn to a fault, especially when it comes to getting her way.
    • She loves strength contests, brawls, and so forth - anything that gets the blood pumping is something Istrossi is all in for.
  • What are their motivations? Their goals in life?
    • Istrossi has an athlete's mentality - she is constantly pushing herself to be stronger, tougher, a better shot, and so on. She believes that this is the best way for her to live and to “be a true Tsumi”.
    • Having grown up in the Tsumi fleet, Istrossi has a strong desire to find a stable, secure home for her and her people - and she's willing to do whatever it takes to see that happen. She hopes the NDC can be that home.
    • “Have fun, don't look at explosions.”
  • Are they hard working or lazy?
    • Extremely hard working. Istrossi is uninterested in anything that she feels she has not earned.
  • What are their habits?
    • Weight lifts, runs, and combat training whenever she has idle time.
  • Are they easily angered?
    • Not particularly. She isn't prone to bouts of anger or jealousy. Likewise, she finds that she performs better in battle by keeping a cool head or getting excited than by being angry.
  • Are they brave or cautious?
    • Brave, but not dangerously so. Always willing to try something (or someone) new, but has little interest in throwing her life away for no reason.
  • What relationships do they have to other people? Are they social?
    • Istrossi flits from person to person, enjoying whatever she can find with whoever is near her. She rarely, if ever, forms lasting bonds with the people she meets. She likes to raise the spirits of those around her and doesn't mind making herself the butt of a joke if it will earn a smile.
  • Who do they love and what kind of people do they like? What have their past relationships been like?
    • Istrossi has only found love a few times. Each time it came to a short end. These days, she avoids the idea entirely, seeking companionship and pleasure whenever the mood strikes her. She most prefers people who are sure of themselves and able to back it up; she will befriend and help someone who seems weak or downtrodden, but will not find them interesting in a romantic fashion.
  • How do they treat other people?
    • Everyone is Istrossi's friend, even if they don't want to be. Sometimes, especially if they don't want to be.


Istrossi Anoura-ae ActactotB was born in YE 15.

Istrossi was big for a girl from a young age. Where other girls on her ship viewed this as being “too manly”, Istrossi embraced her body. She fought and practiced alongside the warrior males every chance she could find until she was accepted as one of them. She became a mercenary for some years after that, honing her skills and developing a reputation for herself as a reliable, albeit unconventional, gun for hire. She also gained a reputation for being insufficiently “pious” - which brought her to odds with her contractors on more than one occasion. When a small group of Tsumi began to plot leaving the fleet, she was surprised to find herself among them.

Planetfall on Sirris VI was anything but easy. The hail of fire moments after they landed and the pounding of shells against her massive steel shield still haunt her from time to time. But they found allies there, in the form of Section 6, and she threw her lot in with them along with the other Tsumi.

Istrossi enjoyed the group's dedication to treating her as more than simply a body to throw at problems - compared to her past work among the Tsumi, she felt appreciated. Section 6's adjuncts became friends and the various bases became a home-away-from-home for her. When Section 6 declared its intent to establish a new home following their ideals, Istrossi knew that she had a decision to make - she could continue to be an independent, a wanderer, or she could throw her lot in with the rest of the soldiers and seek a better future. The choice was easy, but the path was not.

By the time the New Dusk Conclave was established, Istrossi had a number of successful missions under her belt and a reputation for seeing things through to the end. Tsumi to the core, Istrossi showed no fear in the face of overwhelming odds and was consistently one of the last soldiers out of any engagement. By luck or coincidence, her assignments kept her away from some of the most pivotal moments in the NDC's early years.

Her success would ultimately make her a candidate for the S.A.B.E.R. training program. It was here that she would learn how to operate as part of a small, elite task force. The physical tests were easy enough, earning her the nickname “Oni” for her general looks and strength. Working as part of a team was a bigger challenge; she was used to being effective on her own. The Tsumi woman had plenty of experience working with others, but little experience relying on them. S.A.B.E.R. units have to be able to work closely together to achieve their mission, a fact regularly drilled into her throughout the training.

A recent graduate of the program, Istrossi is ready to continue her service in the NDC and continue her own agenda of finding a place to call home.

Social Connections Istrossi Anoura-ae ActactotB is connected to: No active connections

Skills Learned

Istrossi Anoura-ae ActactotB has the following notable skills:

  • Physical (acrobatics, running, etc.)
    • Before anything else, Istrossi is a muscle-head. Her strength and stamina are the product of years of steady, focused training.
  • Demolitions (explosives identification, manufacture, handling, disposal)
    • A dedicated hobbyist and occasional professional, Istrossi is well acquainted with the use (and misuse) of explosives.
  • Fighting (Martial arts, power armor, hand-to-hand combat, weapons)
    • Well trained and practiced in the use of Tsumi weapons and power armors, Istrossi is an impressive shot. She prefers her weapons to be loud and impressive, although she is just as capable of using more precise weaponry.
    • Initial S6 training, followed by S.A.B.E.R. training, has made her an even more formidable fighter
  • Survival and Military (Finding water, land navigation, shelter construction, hunting, signaling, camouflage)
    • Trained to carry out missions across a wide range of environments as part of a small, effective squad.
  • Vehicles: (Mecha, tanks, cars, trucks, hovercraft. [Power Armor goes under Fighting and Physical])
  • Rogue (Pick-pocketing, pick locks, sleight of hand, “streetwise,” seduction)
    • Istrossi grew up in the ghettos, where she learned how to survive, make friends, and get by in whatever way she could.
  • Medical and Science (Surgery, pathology, medicine, cybernetics installation)
    • Tsumi military training and sports medicine are the extent of Istrossi's medical knowledge, but it is typically enough to keep her (and her friends) alive should things go south. NDC S.A.B.E.R. training has improved her abilities in this area, though she'd never make it as a medic.

Inventory & Finance

Istrossi Anoura-ae ActactotB has the following items:

Istrossi Anoura-Ae Sedrassi-ra Tarothal currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Notes

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In the case Whisper becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
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Istrossi mood board:

Character Data
Character NameIstrossi Anoura-ae ActactotB
Character OwnerWhisper
Character StatusInactive Player Character
NDC Character Database
NDC Career StatusActive Duty
NDC BranchLegion

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