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Yugumo Corporation Drones

Former Drones

Yugumo Corporation has used several models of drone aside from those it produces itself, particularly aboard its ships.


Even after the development of the KAIMON/Ascendant Companion, Yugumo Corporation continued for some time to use the EM-J5 Flying Assistant Robot Series (FARS) for certain specialized tasks.

Administrative Assistant FARS

These drones are specialized for teleconferencing duty and assist administrators and managers.

Damage Control FARS

These drones patrol ships and installations for maintenance issues, and alert engineering staff if an issue is found.

First Aid FARS

These drones are specialized for first aid duty and assist medical staff and respond to medical emergencies on the ship.

Security Assistant FARS

Security Patrol FARS

Workshop Assistant FARS

These drones are specced for repair work and assist technicians in the workshops and maintenance bays.

General Purpose Drones

These anthroform drones were assigned duties where they were not expected to proactively participate in security operations. Nevertheless, these androids have increased physical strength and a built in stun weapon.

EM-J2-3a Douryo

Repair Drones

For general repair work, Yugumo Corporation employed the EM-J4-2a MARI (Space) and the "Mobile Spanner" Drone.

MARI Space

Mobile Spanner

Security Drones

Per Yugumo Keisatsu doctrine, the security drones they used were EM-J6-1 "Rayleigh" with the Medical and Commander packages. They carry Personal Defense Shield "Svalinn" Tower shields with the Solid Volumetrics and Electric Stun System options, and are “armed” with an OI-W32-1a Magic Hand in addition to their wakizashi, as well as a Type 33/C Civilian NSP with a YB-28A Triple-Power Magazine, EM-W4 Stun Baton, a EM-G16-2a First Aid Kit, and a set of Emrys Industries Electromagnetic Manacles on a Star Army Utility Belt, Type 321).

Security Drone

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