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EM-J5-M4200 - Enhanced Video Recording Modules

Emrys Industries A TC Company

About the EM-J5-M4200

The EVRM consists of six floating cameras. They are charged from the FARS and guidance for them comes from the FARS. The cameras are equipped with dynamic microphones, and the ability to record in low light, Infrared, normal light and Ultraviolet.

The cameras launch from three positions. Each position can store two of the J5-M4200's.

J5-M4200 EVRM

Operating Time

The operating time depends upon how the flashlight is being used, and the environment it is in.

Charging efficiency depends on factors such as drone activity levels, strength and availability of EM fields. If the J5-M4200 is not in a location with strong EM fields, they can function for up to 6 hours of recording and floating.



With the creation of Star Army Journalist a means to record their work was necessary. Emrys Industries rushed to create a FARS specific for that purpose.


The EVRM can be programmed by the user. They can be programmed for certain perspective. They can also be used to create a panoramic recording.


Star Army Journalist for recording, interviews, events that require recording.

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