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Geshrinari Shipyards - Used Starships

Geshrinari Shipyards Logo A TC Company

This page contains a list of 'slightly' used Geshrinari Shipyards starships that can be purchased. All vessels listed here are sold as is.

Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner

The following Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner were traded in by customers purchasing newer equipment. They are available on an as is basis.

Hull Number F7-1200

Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner Cost 25,000 KS.

  • Life support system requires major repairs, while operational it develops a foul odor after thirty days of operation, replacing the filters provides temporary respite. Ge-F7-En1A graviton engines need overhauling, during prolonged operation the engines go out of sync; resulting in a .03c burst of speed but craft suffers a roll to starboard.

Hull Number F7-0013

Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner Cost 15,000 KS.

  • Ge-F7-Fd1A Hyperspace Fold Drive has a damaged primary cooling unit. Folds of 10 l0 ly or less the drive works fine. A fold of 20 ly has a 45 percent chance of failing dropping the ship out short of destination. A fold of 40 ly has a 60% chance of failing. Engine has to be allowed to cool at least two hours and be reinitialized before use. Twin fore-mounted plasma cannons are missing.
  • A portable Cellular Spray unit has been mounted in the lounge.

Hull Number F7-1001

Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner Cost 21,000 KS.

  • This ship has a number of modifications. Ge-F7-En1A graviton engines has been modified for over boosting, propels ship at .30c for 17 minutes. After which the engine shuts down for five minutes. Life support has been jury-rigged keep the interior at 30 Celsius.
  • Cabins are configured as follows:
    • Cabin 1 - Captain's cabin has a large single bed. A personal safe is present in the headboard. The other two cabins are configured with bunk beds.
  • The Ge-X3300 - Type 33 Escape Pod has been gutted the interior modified to serve as a smuggler's bay.

Hull Number F7-0920

Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner Cost 15,000 KS.

  • No Escape pod, interior shows signs of weapons fire in the lounge. The Ge-F7-Cd1A Continuum Distortion Device has been modified, while it no long functions as propulsion, it does render the vessel invisible to sensors while powered, weapons can not be powered when its operating.
  • Cargo holds have been modified. Most of the internal gravity units in the deck have been removed. The empty space has been modified into smuggler holds.

Hull Number F7-1183

Ge-L5-1A - Issoku-Class Cargo Runner

The following Ge-L5-1A - Issoku-Class Cargo Runner were traded in by customers purchasing newer equipment. They are available on an as is basis.

Hull Number L5-1010

Ge-L5-1A - Issoku-Class Cargo Runner Cost 15,000 KS.

  • No Escape Pod, hull shows heavy weapon damage to the engines. The cargo doors are damaged and welded shut. The Hogosha Quantum Computer System is offline, 1,400 KS worth of parts need to be replaced. The port Ge-L5-P3300 Turbo Plasma Drive is slagged. There are blood stains in the Lounge. Weapon mounts are empty.

Hull Number L5-0881

Ge-L5-1A - Issoku-Class Cargo Runner Cost 35,000 KS.

  • The Starboard cargo hold has been modified into an arboretum for growing plants. Remnants of the plants remain, tobacco and cannabis-like species. Ge-Y1-V3100 - Life Support System need the filters replaced. A non-functional sex-bot is positioned in the corner of the lounge holding a tray. No escape pod present, the chamber has been converted into a hot tub. Owner was a middle aged Caucasian with wild salt and pepper hair, last seen heading for a bar wearing a brightly colored 'floridian' shirt and kahki shorts.

Hull Number L5-7734

Ge-L5-1A - Issoku-Class Cargo Runner Cost 20,000 KS.

  • Two of the landing gear are missing as in ripped off the bottom. Hull is pockmarked with hundreds of micro-meteor impacts. The Ge-L5-P3301 Continuum Distortion Drive has been cannibalized and non-functional. It has one functioning Ge-Y2-W3300 - Anti-Armor Turret. The Ge-Y1-V3100 - Life Support System needs servicing, and the internal gravity cuts off when Ge-L5-P3302 Hyperspace Drive engages and disengages.

Ge-Y1-1a - Henkei-class Starship

The following Ge-Y1-1a - Henkei-class Starship were traded in by customers purchasing newer equipment or repossessed. They are available on an as is basis.

Hull Number Y1-0007

Ge-Y1-1a - Henkei-class Starship Cost 10,000 KS.

  • This ship was damaged in an encounter with pirates. The Ge-Y1-M3104 - Module Connection Points on the port side are damaged and must be repaired before a module can be accepted. The life pods were upgraded to the Ge-X3300 - Type 33 Escape Pod by the previous owner. The two Ge-Y1-W3100 - Anti-Ship Turrets are inoperative as is the Ge-Y1-G3101 - Fusion Reactor which powers them. Repair costs: 6,125 KS

Hull Number Y1-0104

Ge-Y1-1a - Henkei-class Starship Cost 15,000 KS.

  • The Geshrinari Medical Niche has been trashed. Blood stains on the floor and the medical bed. The turrets were upgraded to Ge-Y2-W3300 - Anti-Armor Turrets. The life support system needs servicing, 500 KS. Two of the Ge-XS-3000 Escape pods are missing. The passenger staterooms need refurbishing. 300 KS.

Hull Number Y1-0338

Ge-Y1-1a - Henkei-class Starship Cost 5,750 KS.

The engineering sections has been heavily damaged rending the primary power system, and propulsion CDD and Hyperdrive systems are inoperative. The Ge-Y1-V3100 - Life Support System requires servicing. All staterooms need refurbishment.

Hull Number Y1-0410

Hull Number Y1-1006

Ge-Y1-1a - Henkei-class Starship Cost 12,500 KS.

Ship name painted on hull is β€œAnything Goes”. Ship has been modified. Each of the passenger staterooms has a slot machine. The wardroom has been setup with a number of standard games of chance. There is a chamber that serves as a kind of Russian roulette, the participant enters and once sealed, spins a dial, and then presses a button. There are attachments for up to 8 cylinders of gas. Only 7 are present (empty), the last one containing a toxin was removed. Ship requires life support servicing and all staterooms need refurbishment.

Hull Number Y1-1109

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