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Cellular Spray

Emrys Industries A TC Company

Manufacturer: Emrys Industries

This new technology from Emrys Industries is designed for the fast repairing of tissue on a patient. It works by way of first sampling a patients DNA, an creating the cells required of replacement within itself, before โ€˜sprayingโ€™ them onto the patient in a high accurate fashion using a powerful electric field, capable of spraying droplets of cells suspended in solution, only a few micrometers in solution. In function it is very similar to an ink-printer, but faster, more accurate and capable of in only a few seconds creating a three dimensional matrix, and as such replace flesh.

The machine used to do is complicated, using a 3D imaging technology to analyze the body of the patient, and to discover what parts of the body need to be replaced and repaired. To each side of the machine are two micro-scalpel/arms manipulated with inhuman precision by the semi-AI that controls the machine, which are used to cut away damaged flesh, and make the body more ready to take the new flesh that the Cellular Spray will graft on.

It should be noted that the Cellular Spray can not repair something like a missing limb, but it can do great things for injuries such as deep chest wounds, critical limb damage and most wounds where the there is at least a frame to build upon. The targeted flesh can have many different types of cell, all of which are made by the Cellular Spray through sampling the targets DNA and quick growth of relevant cells through specially designed bacterium/stem-cells, and are then โ€˜sprayedโ€™, the right cells targeted with incredible accuracy to where they are meant to go.

The Cellular-Spray can take many forms, from one built into a room, to a mobile device which can move by itself. Originally they were only be in Emrys Industries operated Hospitals. The main visible part of the device is the network of small tubes, each one containing one of the electro-spraying devices, and moving around the patient spraying the cellular tissue in perfect tandem. There are usually between fifteen and twenty of these, depending on the variety of Cellular spray used (twenty for the room variety, fifteen for the mobile), each one around half a centimeter in diameter.

Public Sale

In YE 33 Emrys Industries a TC Company made their technology available outside of their hospitals.

Portable Unit

This is the smallest CS dispenser made by Emrys Industries. It is capable of treating injuries to the extremities, shoulders, and head. It has an extending armor from which the spraying devices are deployed.


  • Length: 22 in
  • Width: 14 in
  • Height: 14 in

Cost: 500 KS Replacement cartridge of Cellular Spray fluid: 710ml 24oz 100 KS (Produces 5 lbs of tissue)

Cellular Spray Bed

This is the same time of unit originally created by the company. Only now it is available for sale. Holds 4 large cartridges.

Length: 2.44 meters ( 8 feet) Width: 1.22 meters ( 4 feet) Height: 2.44 meters (8 feet)

Cost: 2,000 KS Replacement cartridge of Cellular Spray: 1,420ml 48oz 100 KS (Produces 10 lbs of tissue)

AMTC Modification kit

Emrys Industries also provided modifications to allow select Autonomous Medical Treatment Center units specifically, the ABMU and the ASMU. Modification includes two large cartridges.

Cost: 500 KS Replacement cartridge of Cellular Spray: 1,420ml 48oz 100 KS (Produces 10 lbs of tissue)

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