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Reid Barrick

Reid Barrick is an NPC created by GM Wes (See Wes's NPCs) and currently on loan to GM Whisper.

Reid Barrick
Species & Gender Nepleslian male
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Infantry
Rank: IttΓ΄ Hei
Current Placement: YSS Kanagawa (Plot)

Character Description

Reid has pale pinkish peach skin and blonde hair.

History & Relationships

Reid turned 21 in YE 41.

In YE 42 he was assigned to the YSS Kanagawa.


  • SSCC-XL containing swine (pork) (YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 23-89, IC: 2081-43311-110)
  • Crystal paper-weight containing a 3d etch of the starship it came from (YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 69-30, IC: 2058-14667-91)
  • Barrel of Yamataian Brandy (YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 44-7, IC: 321-3473-46)
  • 6-liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian blood (O+ for transfusion) (YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 68-25, IC: 1757-12282-85)
  • Tape Measure (YE 42 Giveaway, TC: 70-46, IC: 3277-22597-108)
  • Transparent Durandium windows/windshields (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 55-79, IC: 4402-49195-128)
  • Bullets for Type 28 10mm Mass Production Pistol (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 15-44, IC: 717-27469-58)
  • Amplifier, 400 Watts RMS stereo (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 94-12, IC: 809-7545-95)

OOC Notes

This NPC was created by Wes on 2020/04/06 13:06.

Art by Wes using base pack purchased from Cozycat Studios.

Character Data
Character NameReid Barrick
Character OwnerWes
Character StatusNPC on loan
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankIttΓ΄ Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Infantry
SAOY AssignmentYSS Kanagawa
SAOY Entry YearYE 41
DOR YearYE 45
DOR Month3

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