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YSS Kanagawa (Plot)

Yss Kanagawa is a roleplaying plot created February 27, 2020 by GM Whisper.

YSS Kanagawa (Plot)
Forum Link RP Plot Thread
Type Play-by-Post
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Game Master Whisper
Pacing Once per week
Number of Players 8
Accepting Players? Yes
Joining Requirements Member of the Yamatai Star Empire

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Details

A small group of Plumeria have been assigned a simple mission - go behind enemy lines and seek out targets of opportunity to pull attention away from the war front. While the battle group is in FTL, their Continuum Distortion Drives behave strangely - destroying some ships outright and sending others careening through space.

Stranded in a heavily damaged ship, with no sign of the others in their battle group, a lone Plumeria has to use the scant resources at their disposal to restore the failing vessel and deal with the ancient, dormant threats of an unfamiliar sector.

But the Kuvexian War will not pass the ship and its crew by. Hunted by the wounded remnants of a Kuvexian fleet and surrounded by alien threats, the crew of the YSS Kanagawa will have to use their wits and battle prowess to see their way home.

Rules and Pacing

YSS Kanagawa is primarily a play-by-post Roleplay found on the Star Army boards. Joint Posts (“JPs”) and/or discord RP may be used supplementally.

GM posts will be once or twice per week. Player posts should be once per week to keep up. If a character has not had a chance to respond, the GM may decide where they go or what they're doing in order to maintain continuity. Efforts will be made to avoid putting characters into undesirable situations without their player's approval.

RPG Rating

The rating on this plot is:

  • Swearing is generally permitted, with some limitations.
  • Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted.
  • Explicit violence is permitted.

Joint Posts and/or Discord RP may not conform to this rating, but primary plot content will.

Characters by Rank

Rank Sleeve Character Role Player Notes
Chusa Rokusai Gen Captain Whisper GM NPC
Chui Suzuki Akira Infantry Demibear
Jôtô Hei Sagara, Kai Helmsman Jack Pine
Jôtô Hei Aradia Shan Science Officer Arbitrated
Nitô Hei Bryanna Amano Cook NPC
Nitô Hei Sharon Starburst Caretaker Valona Longweave
Nitô Hei Taharial Chasan Medic Bloodyscarlet
Santô Hei - Kazemura Yorin Bridge Crew (Communications) NPC
Santô Hei - Toy Yun-liu Bridge Crew (Systems Monitoring) NPC
Santô Hei - Kana Chiko Infantry NPC
Santô Hei - Reid Barrick Infantry NPC
Santô Hei - Ishikawa Kendo II Technician/Engineer SirSkully PC
Yontô Hei - Kanagawa Renna Info Tech In-Training Valona Longweave
Civilian - Stargazer Alphara Null Null 00-8909-8888 Navigator Skuld

Open Positions

All positions are currently open. Science Officers and Engineers will be well served in this plot, as will combat-oriented characters.


Side Stories


Here's some stuff that goes well with the plot:

Last Checked2023/04/09
Characters Wantedlooking for crew members to brave unknown space, survive encounters with creatures and beings far more powerful than themselves, and do it all in a ship that's just barely getting by. Contact Whisper for info.

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