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Aida La Rostislavovna

Aida La Rostislavovna is a player character played by Rawolfe.

Aida La Rostislavovna
Species & Gender: Shukaren Daur / Female (Lesbian)
Date of Birth: ER757v / 22 years in YE 41
Organization: Yugumo Corporation
Occupation: Head of Motoyoshi Keibi
Rank: Jōtō Shunin (上等社員)
Current Placement: Motoyoshi Keibi

Physical Description

In height, Aida is about 1.32 meters that are categorized as the average height for a Daur. Her body is thin and rather well-shaped hips. Because of the current build of her body is her chest on the smaller side between cup a/b. Reference made about this is rather sensitive and she will respond in an insecure, plausible harsh, way back.

Consider being a gift from the right combinations, Aida was born with pure red hair as her tail flows into orange, which matches her eyes. Her shoulder-length red hair is most of the time loose, but when on duty that requires stealth, she tied it up to a small ponytail. She has no hair that hangs in front of her eyes, she tends to get annoyed if something like this happens and rather cuts it away to keep it neat and clean.

When Aida speaks, it's rather defined as lower in tune than the average Daur, but certainly not uncommon among them.


Curiosity got the better of her. It got her into trouble, and it formed her to what she is today. But curiosity is what every Daur is, finding answers that are known as the riddles of the universe. Her attitude is most of the time reserved, introverted and rather avoids the small talks with people. But when she is in talks with someone about a subject, she is passionate about, she can talk hours about it without knowing she is maybe dragging on too long. When she is on edge, angry or pissed off she stays quiet or speaks more in sarcasm that usually.

While she is an introverted person, Aida tends to pique interest towards things that are new or questions that she heard earlier in her life that plausible now could be answered. While her history changed her attitude in the goal to achieve knowledge, she still hungers for it and therefore also be easy bait for it.


Aida La Rostislavovna was born in ER757v.

Born on ER757v on Jui'varen II, located in the Jui'varen Star System that is part of the Kingdom of Neshaten. She was considered a pearl among her people regarding the color of her fur. But she was never treated as something special, more to keep spoiled out of her youth. For a moment, she followed the wishes of her parents and joined the Youth Corps at the age of 9. But her true passion was lying between the stars and the unknown exploration of space. The research and records that were collected from expeditions and stories got her attention more focused on the sky than the teacher's board.

The star system she was raised in was focused on farming the lands and being the prime source of the kingdom's food. So, Aida was helping her parents in the field with her brother and sisters. But as the eldest, she wanted to show responsibility and care for the family business and joined the Youth Corps later than wanted, she wanted to help her parents in their work and chase dreams later. But when she finally got the taste of the Youth Corps, she finally also got the taste of the stars and only wanted to get more. But that would mean that she was required to go into the Kingdom navy service, something that she was not keen to be interested in. With some ethical and moral choices, she talked it over with her parents, and with some arguments, discussions, and long talks they agreed to her proposal to explore the galaxy on her own when she was old enough. When her age came to be, she said her farewells to her friends and family and got herself a ticket ride in YE27 with a trading family that would bring her to the Yamatai planet of Essia.

However, when the ship started to show dysfunction in their systems close to the Chen Nebula, it was too late before Aida realized what was going on. The ship got ambushed by local pirates that operated in the area and the ship was rather old, so it was easy prey for pirates. Disorientated by the sudden blast and yelling of the boarding parties into the ship, Aida was quickly captured and put into chains. The pirates manage to distract the escorting ships and make an escape for it with their new loot. Unknown where she was, scared and not really understanding what just happened as everyone talked in different languages. The only thing she saw was greedy and disgusting men eying for their grant price, her body was the finest quickly of the whole auction. Unfortunate for her, she was finally sold towards a man that had his fingers into any cookie jar there was when it came to the sexual business.

For a long Aida was not used in any sexual business, but rather forced to do the cleaning at the rooms, the housing and not allowed the communicate with any of the girls. She managed to survive these dreadful years and got herself custom to various languages of clients that came in and went out with a smile. Even though it was basic, she finally started to plan her escape, started to lockpick, steal, and basically survive the horrors that happened there. When she finally made the bold move to escape, she found out that she was on the planet Vice. But unable to get a ride off the planet only got her recaptured and she was punished if not tortured for days. This was to teach her to not do it again and obey her masters will even be placed as a potential sexual object. After two clients got injured greatly by Aida, the third client finally got her so far by drugging her. She felt disgusted for days, feeling as if she was just a mere tool for the lust of men, her hatred towards men grew, even more, that day.

When a Tula man came into Aida's life, her life changed as the man was in service to protect the female assets of the brothel after a few incidents. He learned Aida to defend herself against anything unwanted, short blade and knife usages and quick defensive acts. In YE39, Aida was woken up abrupt by the Tula who seemed injured severely “It's now or never, don't surrender Aida. Claim your weapon and flee” As he pressed his weapon onto Aida hands as another explosion was heard. When Aida looked back at her bodyguard, he was already gone and without a moment to think or process this, she jumped out of her bed and rushed out of the room. Seeing down the balcony into the center square the battle going on between unknown attackers and her captives until a man wanted to force her back into the room and suddenly dropped death onto the ground as a shot was heard. Looking at her side Aida could see a man there. 6'2 with dark brown hair, the beard has streaks of ginger hair color, but short. His eyes, that was the key that caught Aida attention, as they were stormy blue eyes. No words were exchanged, but Aida knew somehow that he wouldn't do anything to her and that gave her reason enough to finally flee. People on Vice began to call her Red Flash as the moment you saw her red locks, it was also the last what you would see.

For unknown reasons, even to herself. She stayed on Vice and made it her life to hunt down the clients that abused every single girl in that brothel. It gave a satisfying feeling to cut their throat after their pity plead. In YE41 she ventured off Vice and more into the New Dusk Conclave claimed space to enrich herself of better contracts, unknown what would cross her path. She got in touch for a brief moment with the crew of the ISS Brimstone who operate in name of the New Dusk Conclave, she was seen at Reservoir Star System 1). She was offered a job at their security force, but kept it on freelancer for now.

She eventually caught wind of an opening at Yugumo Corporation as their main head of security and was personally interviewed by Ketsuko 2) that resulted in being accepted.

Social Connections

Aida La Rostislavovna is connected to:

Skills Learned


Tinacen (Mother language), Trade (language-Advance), Yamataigo (basic)


Laundry, basic cooking, cleaning


Martial arts (advance), hand-to-hand combat (advance), weapons (pistol - advance, medium rifles-medium)


Law (advance), History (basic) and memory (photogenic memory)


Pick-pocketing (basic), pick locks (medium) and “streetwise,” seduction (medium

Inventory & Finance

Aida La Rostislavovna has the following items:

  • Brown Leather Jacket
  • Red vest with a skull on its back
  • Orange shirt - Normal pants
  • Black pair shoes
  • Rusted Utility Combat Knife M01A
  • Sitanin Zbrojovka Model 79 (Pistol)

OOC Notes

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In the case Rawolfe becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameAida La Rostislavovna
Character OwnerRawolfe
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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