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Jeffery Welson Coleman

This player character was played by Bilgecrank and adopted by Demibear 1) as a factional NPC of the Nepleslian Reds.

Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: BYE 23.06.12
Organization: None
Occupation: Tour Advisor
Rank: Former Grand Admiral of the Red Star Army/ Leader of the Red Reunification League
Current Placement: None

Physical Description

  • Height: 5'3β€œ / 160.02 cm.
  • Weight: 170 lb. / 77.11 Kg.
  • Build and Skin Color: Slightly Muscular, Strong yet short build, light flesh-colored skin.
  • Facial Features and Eye Color: Aged strongly through stress and age, eyes are a dull shade of green.
  • Hair color and Style: Completely bald on the head, yet facial hair seems to grow quiet well. Tribal Tattoos decorate the top of his baldhead. He has full beard that stretches down to his chest, and a moustache to compliment.
  • Distinguishing Features: Is missing his leg from the knee down, replaced with a metal hydraulic leg. It’s mostly a hydraulic pump; the hydraulic part is surrounded in a folded rubber cover. The foot area is generally a flat piece of metal. This sort of leg causes him to have an unbalance in his walk, so he carries a black cane with a sort of pick hammer as the pommel.


Jeffery is seen as a cocky man, who loves to taunt his opponents. Though cocky, he is careful in his thinking. Like most Nepleslians, he enjoys the finer things in life (to what the finer things in life would be to a Nepleslian.) This was built over the many years of fighting he faced.

Even in his old age, he enjoys to cut loose, celebrate when there are things worth celebrating for. If there was a phrase to describe Jeffery Coleman, it would β€œToo young for the body, too old for the mind.”

  • Likes: Lightening up serious discussion, Time with the family, Loyalty, A good battle, Watching activity go about, Interacting with people.
  • Dislikes: Being Old, Reading, Waiting on others, Dealing with insubordination or disloyalty.
  • Goals: Bring glory to the men under him, and of course, Jeffery himself. To fight his old age as long as he can.


Jeffery Coleman was born on Nepleslia before the formation of the Yamataian Empire. He was born in the lower class families, and most of his life, was exposed to the gang violence that ensued on the planet. It wasn't long until he got tired of his life among gangs and joined the fight under the Red Faction's banner. It was there that he learned to fight in battles, ground wars, intense fighting. Through this harsh existence, he managed to have a healthy marriage, and a daughter. Yet, that would not keep him from answering the call to fight.

It wasn't until late in his life that he took as a ship hand in space. These were under some of the unofficial ship groups fighting under the Red Faction. The time he would spend among bridge crew, and soon enough, a bridge crewman himself would serve him well in the time to come.

In time around the independence of Nepleslia, he was of the few Reds who learned to command and lead vessels into combat. This, at one point, put him into the position of a captain, where he would lead some of the few Red Faction warships into combat when their official fleet was formed.

Soon, however, Jeffery’s biggest moment would come in the form of an assault. Red Command issued him a promotion to Grand Admiral to fill up the ranks after previous assaults. Now, he is over the 1st Defense Fleet, named Unbreakable, by Coleman himself, due to his cocksure nature.

Skills Learned

Jeffery Coleman has learned the following:


Most of Jeffery's early life included having to communicate among his fell fighters on the ground. Through this, they would use military-style hand signals, radios, even light signals to get a message through.

Though, life in the military would give him advanced training on those areas. He would learn how to make communications to all sorts of equipment, and armor. Even later in life, he would also learn how to coordinate supplies lines, and keep equipment moving to the field.

Fighting and Physical

Jeffery has spent most of his life fighting, or living among the likes of it. He would often get into fights as a child, and became very good at winning them later on, making him proficient in hand to hand combat. In the gang related fighting, he would be able to use rifles, pistols, even knives to win fights.

Most weapons he would receive through the Black Market would be of low quality, so it would cause him the trouble of constantly cleaning and repairing the weapons.

Joining the military only increased his knowledge of weaponry, expanding it to grenades, power armors, and military assault technology. Most of this fighting has left him rough, tough, and little stiff. His old age hasn't been kind to his physique, yet he still show signs of strength, even if the foundation is slowly disappearing below it.


Life in hostile environments teaches a living being how to survive in them. Jeffery would learn how to scavenge for ammo, and other effects to keep him alive under gang related activities. It was also give him experience in the primitive hit and run tactics, which would become more sculpted in the Military.

Under the faction-training program, he would learn to survive in much more civilization barren environments. They would teach him how to find food, items to build a shelter, and how to use those items to build it. He could use fire to keep himself warm, or to cook meals. When the time came to fight, he would use camouflage to keep himself safe.


Even though most of his life he's lived as a soldier, Jeffery has promise as leader. Early in life among gang fighting, he would lead two or more guys into a fight, giving direction to where to shoot and when. His ability to make levelheaded decisions would help him rise in the ranks. The Military was a challenge for Jeffery, to where he would have to lead more than just a few men, but entire groups, looking to him for leadership. He would give such to them, throwing his finger in any direction to take advantage of ambush points, positions for fire teams, flanking areas for assault teams, and even basic cover tactics.

His rise to space combat would give him a whole dimension of tactics and strategy. He would rise to command a ship, and learn how to coordinate the people that run it. The Nepleslian learned the basics of starship maneuvering and fighting. Truthfully, he has not had much trouble taking his boys to the fight. Of course, there are many people who seem to have their own ideas about how it should be run. They would soon learn in time that it's either follow orders, or get a bullet to the face.

Starship Operations

Of course, one does not raise the ranks into a high commanding position of ships with just his actions on the ground. When it was time for Jeffery to take to space and go up as a ship hand. He would learn how to operate that ship effectively under the guidance of books, and few friendly bridge members. He would learn the basics of helm operation, plotting courses, even grasping skills in making crude star maps. The rest of his knowledge was learned through his time spent as a bridge crewman when he was set there.

Technology Operation

Ship computers weren't too difficult for the old bridge body to learn. He would become familiar with the technology available to the Red faction's ships and be able to operate them within basic limits.


Some would probably think Old Jeff would be senile, finicky, and a plain gruff old man with all that he's gone through in his life. Yet, through some strange way, he's managed to keep a young mind. He's able to weave stories and entertain people with them.

Not being a favorite of tense and serious situations, he tends to break them with a funny and/or dirty joke. At times when the crew would be depressed in the situation, out would come something funny. If a man as old and as experienced as Old Jeffery Coleman could make joke in a grim situation, the crew would see some kind of example of hope in him and take to that. This would attribute to his leadership skills in a way. Other than that he plays a mean fiddle, a clean banjo, and sweet harmonica.

Social Connections

Jeffery Coleman is connected to:

  • Father: Bishop Abu Coleman (Died at 81)
  • Mother: Summer Beth Coleman (Maiden Name: Blythe)(Died at 73)
  • Wife: Ayleanna Doneva Coleman (Maiden Name: Osleton) (Age 65)
  • Daughter: Melissa Kenni Coleman (Age 44)

Inventory & Finance

Jeffery Coleman currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case Demibear becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameJeffery Welson Coleman
Character OwnerBilgecrank
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use
Current LocationKennewes
Character's HomeKennewes

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