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Venetian Gray

Venetian Gray is a player character played by darkborn202.

Venetian Gray
Species & Gender: Caelisolan Male
Date of Birth: 15日 6月 YE 20
Organization: The Elysian Senate
Occupation: Navigator
Rank: Riezon
Current Placement: N/A

Preferred Plots:

  1. ECV Raven

Physical Description

Height: Venetian is a bit short for a Caelisolan, standing at 5' 11“.

Weight: Venetian weighs around 105 pounds.

Hair description: Venetian has black hair that's generally short enough to not be messy; however, he's gotten a bit lazy with the bangs, and as such, they have grown to slightly cover his eyebrows, and some of it has grown long enough to cover the top portion of his left eye. He put a streak of white on the left side of his hair, that extends all the way through, as well as a very small red border on the left side of said white streak. He generally doesn't style his hair. He has no facial hair.

Eye description: Venetian's roundish-almond shaped eyes are a pale yellow; A Mindaro color, if you will. They're set slightly wider than a eyelength apart.

Wing description: Venetian has large, dappled grey wings; light grey is more prominent than the dark grey.

Skin appearance: Venetian is a pale white color; he has a faded and pale scar on the right side of his face that curves slightly in to his eye, extending from the cheekbone to the top of the lower jaw.

Other description: Venetian has an oblong face with a grecian nose. His build is very much like a typical Caelisolan, is slightly thinner than normal.


Venetian is very quiet- He generally doesn't speak a lot. He's not a one word/grunting character, but he doesn't make speeches every time he talks- think more of a terse, blunt way of speaking. The exception is when describing stuff he likes- expect more talk- LOTS of it. Venetian is very muted when it comes to showing emotion. For example, smiling for him is the equivalent of laughing, a small upturn of the lips is a smile, etc… His negative expressions are a bit more.. well, expressive, but not by much.

While he isn't a total introvert, he does get a sense of claustrophobia in big crowds. He doesn't like getting lost in crowds, for example. Why? Mazes are static- you can logically find your way out. Human crowds are always shifting. And don't expect Venetian to shy away from attention. He may not like attention that he feels like he doesn't deserve, but when he does do something to get people's attention, he's fine. With that in mind, Venetian can at times break his status quo blank expression and demeanor when he does get triggered. Triggers include someone discussing his interests, shoving his dislikes in his face, or sometimes when he just gets fed up with staying quiet. …Hence why he likes Indignare and Lamiera. It helps vent those occasional emotional outbursts.

He's a good cook, and he makes excellent tea. Though, he can get a bit…creative with his foods. He CAN be absent-minded, especially when working on stuff he likes- a tunnel-vision like focus.

While he isn't that devoted to the concept of Kleos, he is a self perfectionist. He'll berate himself when he gets things- even the tiny details- wrong, and generally is meticulous.

He's very good with math, and also very proud of that fact. He doesn't like using aids for math, instead preferring to rely on math-magician techniques to get calculations done. Venetian does also have a control-freak attitude at times, though only in things that can reasonably in his control, such as programming, (gaming), room cleanliness, and stuff like that.

Venetian is a romantic at heart; he believes in the best of everyone, has a redemption complex, tries to live up to the values of protecting others, and he wants to experience adventure. He's not excited when it comes to killing people- or things in general. That's not to say he's against it; he takes a reactionary view to killing, though. He can't simply stomach planning to go up and end their life.

Venetian's interests are: Maps, video games, Books- specifically in the fantasy setting and nonfiction writings. He also likes cooking and history.


Venetian Gray was born in 15日 6月 YE 20.

Venetian was born to Zuphlas and Anael in Elysium; as plebeian, there's not much to say about his early life. His parents were hard workers, generally devoted to making sure they supported not only him, but Elysia as a whole.

Then the big change happened in YE 30, when he was ten. He and his parents were given Caelisolan bodies. Young Venetian was so excited to have wings- it was probably the first time he shouted in joy. But then a mere year later, his parents were hurriedly conscripted to fight against the NMX. They missed his birthday. In fact, they never came back.

Very shortly after this, a Nepleslian came to notice him, and took him in. Anthony Gray was a short and stout man who enjoyed his drinks and guns, but he couldn't help but feel sorry for Ventian, and took him in. Thus began Venetian's adventures around the Yamataian Star Empire and Nepleslian Democracy.

Anthony was a bit of a traveling cargo loader and a merchant. He just traveled around to deliver goods, and attempted to buy wares cheap at one place to sell them at a higher price where there was a bigger demand for them elsewhere. As such, the two never really had a place to settle down for the next set of years. However, during this time, Venetian did get fascinated about the stars and how ships moved in the big expanse of space.

Venetian remembers many small moments from his traveling experience. He remembers how Anthony was always respectful of Venetian's wishes, if a bit crude in his ways. Anthony took the time to show Venetian how to duel with swords- though, it might not be as prim and proper like in Elysia; he managed to find a short chapter book in Seraphim for Venetian; and when Venetian expressed an interest in joining things like astronomy, you can bet that Anthony started working hard to make sure that the Venetian would get to the SSS.

A couple of memories stick in Venetian's head: One time when he was fourteen, while he was in a Nepleslian world, he got in a fistfight with someone else. Venetian got into the fist fight because he saw someone being bullied. Being the kid raised by a Nepleslian, he intervened. At first, it was words. The next moment, it was a fistfight. It escalated when the other kid pulled out a knife- okay, a small kitchen knife- and proceeded to cut Venetian fairly viciously on the right side of his face.

It just so happened that Anthony was looking for Venetian, and found him at that time. To say Anthony was enraged would have been an understatement. After giving the offender a good licking, he then proceeded to turn him in to the police. He was immensely proud of Venetian when he found out the events, however, and gave a quote that Venetian still remembers to this day: “I think you should keep that scar. I know- scars are unsightly. But scars tell stories about yourself; even if others don't know the story, you will, and you'll always have a reminder for that.”

So, Venetian kept the scar. He hasn't had an incident like that ever again, though.

The second event was Venetian's citizenship in YE 36, shortly after the Yamataian Empire formed an alliance with the Nepleslia and Lor. Though Venetian had been studying for a couple of years now, he would have been content with studying for a few more. Anthony pushed him to go ahead and take it, seeing the alliance as a good opportunity to become a citizen. Venetian did, and he passed. He became a citizen.

For the next year after becoming a citizen, life slowed down considerably. Anthony finally settled down on a planet, and started a small business that focused on repairing tech at a low price. Anthony was always gifted at that, especially cybernetics. When Yamatai broke from the alliance, Venetian was concerned that they were going to move again. Nope- Anthony was fine right where he was. He was committed to supporting Venetian and his dream to get into the SSS, and no set of petty politics was going to sway him.

A mere year later, and Venetian got his wish. He managed to pass the entrance exam and entered the SSS. He decided he wanted to go ahead and prepare for his three year tenure in the Star Army, so he informed his superiors of that choice.

Enter in four years of classes, and an intense period of training, and now it's YE 42 day. Venetian looking for an assignment on a ship.

Social Connections

Venetian Gray is connected to: Anthony Gray (Adopted Father)

Skills Learned


Venetian is fluent in Yamataian and Nepleslian, and is alright (if rusty) in Seraphim. He can speak correctly and efficiently. Venetian is trained in basic radio usage. He can send and receive messages through headsets and handheld radios.

Fighting: (Basic)

Venetian received self defense training in martial arts in a variety environments, and basic handgun operation and maintenance on the Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 29 Venetian is also competent with usage of the bladed melee weapons.


Venetian is trained in Star Army of Yamatai history, Star Army Ranks and military protocol.


Venetian is trained in Astrometry and Astronomy, and has basic skills in Computer Science and Astrochemistry.

Technology Operation

Technology Operation: Venetia is trained in using the Kessaku OS on any PANTHEON equipped computer system.


Venetian is an excellent cook, though a bit creative, leaning towards the strange kind of creative.

Starship Operations

Venetian, as he always wanted to be a navigator, is proficient in star maps, stellar cartography, navigation, and the like. He also has some basic skills operating star ships, though he isn't the greatest pilot in the known universe.

Inventory & Finance

OOC Notes

I swear, I didn't mean to copy the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) - Tanken Standard skills Intern example. It just so happened to align that way. This character article was generated using the PHP template form.

In the case darkborn202 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameVenetian Gray
Character Ownerdarkborn
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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