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Officially spelled in block capitals to suggest a name that only works whilst yelling it, the NSS SCREAM CLAW is a Nomad-Class Solarfoil Corvette in service to the Nepleslian Star Navy. She was built using parts scavanged at Port Hope, though it is now more concretely allied with the Viridian Array. There are only two sentient crew members, though Father Grindfist The Punchmaster is effectively the Lieutenant, due to sheer force of personality. Currently assigned to the Task Force "Farthest Stride".



Technically speaking a light maintenance and cargo vessel, the SCREAM CLAW is also known for using surprise hull-puncturing attacks using its folding crane arm. The odd mix of crew personalities means it can be relied upon to swap roles on a dime. Though not exactly the best equipped vessel around, it somehow always seems to self-repair and pull through.


Built from rusty plates and spray painted a mad pattern of clashing green lines, the SCREAM CLAW is none the less a ship which is barely a year old. Many of the prism shield sails and battery units are actually burnt out and useless, but have been left on the hull to confuse enemy targeting acquisition. The actual configuration of optional parts changes almost constantly, as new units are acquired and occasionally lost in combat.


Role & Specialisation

The SCREAM CLAW is best described as a merchant marine, only officially paid by the Nepleslian Navy to haul cargo, transport personnel, perform light maintenance, and covertly deploy or seize satellites on the odd occasion. The combat actions it takes are purely against targets of opportunity, those vulnerable to sabotage that Father sees an opening to get the drop on. It isn't exactly hard to convince them to perform actions which directly benefit the Nepleslian Navy, that said. Any salvage left behind after a larger slugging fest is of course fair game, too.

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