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Task Force "Farthest Stride"

Task Force “Farthest Stride” is a roleplaying plot created by GM Legix.

Emblem will go here once we have one!
Plot Themes Command RP and Large Fleet Operations
Status of RP ON HIATUS 18+ / contact Legix for info.
Pace of RP Seven Day Limit
Player Count 4
OOC Thread Click here!
Current Plot Thread Operation 001 - Relieving the Relief


Plot Overview

Farthest Stride details the commanding Task Force under the command of the NSN 1st Expeditionary Fleet's Admiral Julia Brisk, a group comprised of new officers to intentionally be groomed into the future elite of Nepleslia. Starting with smaller vessels, the plot will view the growth of officers as they acquire commands of ships new and old, climbing through to become the elite of the NSN as its largest fleet. Exploration, combat, and diplomacy will all take key-points within the missions, as well as espionage and planetary-assistance operations. In short, anything that a fleet COULD do will likely appear at some point as a plot point and goal for the Task Force as they work to establish the dream of a better Nepleslia and ascending their careers and personal agendas.


Language Sexuality Violence
3 3 3

Rules and Pacing


  • Mix between standard posts and JP. Everyone will generally require a JP to enter the RP's setting.


  • Posting in standard threads should be kept orderly and done every 5-7 days if not sooner, with any period longer than that requiring a warning to all members involved in the main thread. Everyone is allowed 3 “misses” (effectively meaning they have held the RP up for at least 15 days) before they will be wrote out of the current arc.

Commanders/Characters, Important NPCs, and Active Ships

Character Player Notes Art
Julia Brisk Legix Admiral and leader of the Task Force. A cherry-loving woman, she has hopes and expectations in the new generation of commanders and the potential for Nepleslia to effectively lead them into a new future. Suffice to say, she tends to be smiling and bossy. No
Kai Wei Liang Whitehart One of the few Jiyuuian Lieutenants operating within the NSN, Kai is one of many aspiring warship commanders within the Task Force. In a new home, his journey is one that many Jiyuuians have strove to achieve in the nation that had saved him and so many others. No
Reclaimer Nightlight 60-1830-8741 ethereal One of the few Type 3 Automata to join the Task Force, Nightlight has earned a commission as a Commander under the conditions their ship boasts a mix of Nepleslian and Freespacer staff to ensure regulations are followed. Suffice to say, they stand out among a group of primarily NSN commanders! No
Sadie Ravenarc Fay The daughter of now-retired Rear Admiral Aurelia Solomon, Sadie is an aspiring Lieutenant with a tendency to be more like a Yamataian princess at times. Having served as an Ensign for some time, she now finally finds the place for her to achieve a chance at a command position! No
FATHER GRINDFIST Primitive Polygon An old Type Two Freespacer Automata, with plenty of Yamataian prejudice. Assisted by Trashmender Iodine Three Five 35-6086-9927, his position within the fleet is, suffice to say, one of the oddest ones among the many oddballs and seasoned commanders. No
Judith Branthese Krisslanza A big-boob with a mighty chest, this Nepleslian had been working on getting the chance to prove herself after a stint as a mere enlisted within the Navy. With a commission in hand, she now moves to take on a great role within Julia's personal picks. Yes!
Important NPCS Notes
None None
Ship Name Ship Class Commander Within Squadron?
NSS Safe Breadth Flagship-variant Orca-class Battlecruiser Julia Brisk No
NSS Quill Sword-Class Frigate Kai Wei Liang No
NSS Sickle Sword-class Frigate Sadie Ravenarc No
NSS SCREAM CLAW Nomad-Class Solarfoil Corvette Father Grindfist No
NSS Ichaival Nomad-Class Solarfoil Corvette Reclaimer Nightlight No
NSS Dainsleif Shaika-Class Assault Carrier Judith Branthese No

Open Positions & Joining the Plot

New members are encouraged, but there's no real way to explain what is “open” within the plot. The reason for this is the usage of “trees” that can define the growth route of PCs within the plot. The plot could have tons of warships and stealth ships, but it could still be extremely diverse. So please, consult the trees at the bottom of the page and contact Legix via the forums for more information on joining =3=/

Retired/Previously Commanded Ships

This section will store the ships that see use via the crews and provide basic links to smaller pages with detailed information on them. Assume their crew rosters are completely gone, as the ship's commander being replaced means likely some degree of crew rearranging and even transfers to new vessels. This section is mainly for the future, so those who review the plot's progress can find ships that have some historical usage within the Nepleslian navy!

Ship Name Ship Class Previous Commander Notes
None None None None

Plot Events and Timeline

YE 39

The reassigning of the Nepleslian fleets brought about the formation of the 1st Expeditionary Fleet, and at the head of it was Julia Brisk's personal Task Force, otherwise known as Farthest Stride. In the opening months, much of the effort was spent mustering and summoning Freespacer allies to bulk-up the military presence of the Fleet, while Julia set about to recruiting other commands both within Nepleslia and through its borders as immigrants. One of these was the commander Kai Wei Liang, a Jiyuuian who had long-since settled within Nepleslian space and been a part of the NSN as one of many Jiyuuian peacekeepers and ex-UOC experts.

Plot Thread List

Ship Trees

Below will be the graphs/tables of the current ship trees available to NSN plot members. If other nations ally and work along with the faction or deploy troops under NSN command, this could end up expanding to include other factions!

Note: The main three trees, otherwise known as the Main Trees, currently only lack one of their branches. This will be updated and fixed, once the ships being created are finished!  

Main Trees (Nepleslian Navy Vessels)

Freespacer Tree (Nepleslia-allied Freespacer vessels)

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