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The UOC Government Plot

The Government of the United Outer Colonies Plot focused on the leaders of the United Outer Colonies. The plot consisted primarily of the political lives of the elected assembly and their political aspirations. Highlighting a realistic democratic system the members of the elected assembly go through the motions from writing legislation to the eventual voting which decides its outcome. With the devastation of the United Outer colonies by the NMX during the War, the UOC government plot came to an end.

Game Masters

The UOC Government Plot was a social-political plot that was ran by Kim and Andrew.

Special NPCs

The characters utilized in the plot were considered special NPCs as that they were in leadership positions within the United Outer Colonies. It was expected for these characters to develop complex and full personalities and opinions to add richness and depth to the plot. It was the hopeful wish of the Game Masters that the players of these characters elected to go beyond the minimal expectation of participating in the assembly.

Interactions in the Assembly

There are three primary interactions that occur in the government roleplay:


Discussion of domestic and intergalactic events which effect the United Outer Colonies. Analysis of these situations often leads to the construction of legislation or a response to the events through the mobilization of the nation's resources such as the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces or a diplomatic envoy.


The process of legislation is as follows:

  • discussion
  • writing the legislation
  • presenting the legislation to the assembly
  • arguments/modifications
  • voting
  • pass/fail

There is a maximum number of three appeals for legislation.


The social aspect of the assembly is self-initiated roleplay by which any member of the assembly can open a thread of after-hours interaction for further character development. In general the Game Masters, while sometimes involved, do not define the perimeters of the play, rather leave the event, occasion or interaction up to the players involved.

A good example of this interaction can be found here.

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