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The International Station

The International Station is Open RP plot created in 2021 by GM Rawolfe. The International Station is also known as Pisces Station that got used on various intergalactic conferences by various factions within the Kikyo Sector. The station got moved after the Kuvexian War to Xylar as this star system is designated to be the most neutral and easy to reach star system for most factions.

While Rawolfe is designated as a GM, he doesn't control anyone plot. The idea is that everyone is free to start an open RP and use the International Station as an RP location. Thought if you do tend to terrorize or even try to blow up the station, then Rawolfe might be required to be informed about it upfront. Rawolfe is basically taking the administrative piece on himself to give players of the SARP community a place to RP!


The International Station
Forum Link Open Roleplay
Forum OOC OOC Thread
Faction Independent
Game Master Rawolfe
Pacing Joint Posts and Single Posts
Number of Players Recruiting
Accepting Players? Yes
Joining Requirements None Depends on the Open RP

Plot Overview

The International Station functions as a neutral ground for all factions within the Kikyo Sector that will provide a possibility for factions to discuss galactic topics, trade agreement, and where businesses can be conducted within the station's rules of conduct. Every arm on the Pisces Station is granted to one of the known grand species with some sharing the space with others. To balance neutrality on the station it is decided that there is a combined effort from various species factions in the command staff that operates this station.

Plots will continue to focus on Characters development and stories in the form of Open RP.


Pisces has quite a history within the Star Army of Yamatai and the Kikyo Sector for being the central spot of international relation of various factions and species across the sector. It has hosted various conferences and been involved in diplomatic meetings to resolve issues or make history in trading agreements. Pisces had moved to the Xylar system to make a more neutral zone for anyone to come.

Characters WantedBe a business person, ambassador, or just a visitor!

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