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SS Raider

Originally designed as an attack craft, it was clear partway through the building phase that Origin Industries didn't really have the proper experience to build a warship. Changing plans at the last minute, the ship was fitted with internal sensors and test gear required to study the effects of different systems on the ship's frame, allowing for this knowledge to be used in later designs by Origin industries. Being a testbed, this ship is not intended to see actual service by anyone other than Origin Industries, ever.

SS Raider In Roleplay

The SS Raider has recently turned from an abnormally slow social plot into a somewhat faster Ship vs. Ship combat plot The current story arc has the Raider and its escorts in battle against the Mishhuvurthyar. Roleplay occurs at The Origin Subforum, but may happen on IRC if all the players are on at the same time.

Ship's patch



Character Aerin Tatst Tira Gambizam Tadarius Buushaw Locklem Irene Ceres
Position Captain Pilot Cook Doctor
Player Kai Revolver Bilgecrank Exhack
# Name Position
1 Aerin Tatst Captain - CO
2 Bladeski Provel Commander - XO
3 Tira Gambizam Pilot First Class
4 Hurgh Fuglynaim Pilot Second Class
5 Renold Dewberry 1st WepCom Officer
6 Arlene Fawkes 2nd WepCom Officer
7 Sergio Langley Plissken Security Captain
8 Rita Gomez Security Lieutenant
9 Olivia Yates Security Guard
10 Uther McMillan Security Guard
11 George Blue Security Guard
12 Lida Rose Security Guard
13 Mike Quakenbush Chief Engineer
14 Gretta Washburn Vice Engineer
15 Donald Shinn Engineer
16 Zachary Tate Engineer
17 Julie Taylor Engineer
18 Jebthur McMillan Engineer
19 Camellia Sarri Head Test Pilot
20 Jal Gul'Rub Test Pilot
21 Natalia Fisher Test Pilot
22 Irene Ceres Doctor
23 Farley Nurse
24 Jethro Finn Quartermaster
25 Clive Maxwell Head Caretaker
26 Priscilla Barlow Caretaker
27 Tadarius Buushaw Locklem Head Chef
28 Annie-May Rutherford Second Chef
29 Samantha Killingsworth Cook
30 Heather Bishop Cook
31 Yokoyama Omitsu Security Guard

History and Background

Aerin Tatst came up with this ship to be used as an Attack craft. Though it may never fill that role, it is now used as an experimental test-bed. It became a test-bed after Origin's leadership and design teams realized that building a military craft was immensely different from the small cargo ships they had worked on in the past. A last-minute reworking of the plans cobbled together a ship capable of testing many different types of systems, but unable to take on the actual combat missions it had been conceived for.

During a routine test of the Ship's FTL systems, It was set upon by pirates. Though heavily damaged, the Raider managed to escape with all hands and limp back to OI headquarters. During its repair, the Raider was refitted with some new systems, making it more effective at its jobs, both being a testbed for the systems and at being a capable warship.

Second chances

After the Raider was repaired and overhauled, Aerin Tatst decided to take personal control of the ship, as a desk job wasn't cutting it for her. Starting off with a skeleton crew of older Origin Employees, Aerin made a run to the Red-controlled remains of Halna, to do some business dealings before heading to Morant on a tip, where she picked up Tira Gambizam and Tadarius Buushaw Locklem. The Ship continued to tour systems Near the core, including Nepleslia and Yamatai, before finding a large enough crew to fly without the initial skeleton crew. After a brief Training stint in the Kohana cloud, Aerin felt that her crew was ready to continue, and began picking up a few new people, including Murakami Kensuke, who was to be transported to Origin Headquarters on Tami, and Irene Ceres, who would become the ship's doctor.

KMS Chaos

The Star Army of Yamatai requested that origin build an Orin Orbital Shipyards in the KMS to help supply the SAOY with origin gear and to suppliment the KMS's construction capacity, as well as provide more living space space for people in the military sector. Escorted by three Jinkan and a justicar, the Raider brought an MAP to the sector to start the construction. Unfortunately, on they way there they were beset by the Mishuuvurthyar, and the Raider took heavy damage. As usual, Aerin capitalized on this to improve her ship, working on a third version of the Raider.

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