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Purgatory is a roleplaying plot created August 29, 2017, co-Authored by Gallant and Ametheliana.

Status: This plot is currently not open.

Plot Overview

Its name is Kunai no Machi, the city of daggers, but it is better known by the locals as Purgatory.

In YE 37, the subterranean city on the border between the surface of Yamatai and the depths of Hell has seen a strange spike in violent activity. Normally docile, and long ago conquered, the deepest, darkest areas of Yamatai have been colonized by its returning citizens and former military personnel who live in peace with the caverns' original demonic denizens. However, a strange rash of killings has taken the city by storm, most recently taking the life of a local member of the investigating YNP.

Ketsurui Samurai Rei finds herself sent during her sojourn as a ronin to the city where she meets the unorthodox and devilish Detective Shir-Del, to solve the mystery and prevent a more dangerous act of terror with the whole city caught in the crossfire

Rules and Pacing

  • Format: JP
  • Pacing and posting expectations: Casual

Characters and Players

Character Player Notes
Rei Ametheliana Samurai
Gol Shir-del Gallant Detective

Open Positions

  • None



Meaning: Red Well

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