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HAS Reva Maya

HAS Reva Maya is an 18+ roleplaying plot created December 20, 2016 by GM Legix and Co-GM Ametheliana.

Status: This plot is currently on extended hiatus.

Plot Overview

The HAS Reva Maya is a plot that revolves around the Iromakuanhe airship that it takes its name after. Drama and humor are integral to the storyline, which follows the lives of the player characters. Restauranteurs, shopkeepers, pool boys, package deliverers, technical crew, and passengers make up those on the Reva Maya.

There is a criminal underside to the ship, as they are thieve lords and pilferers at their core. Though there are many on the ship who have not a clue that there is this side to the ship. For many, it is a cruise liner and for some, it is a place to barter and trade for some of the treasures of Hlarai.

Rules and Pacing

  • Format: SP, with JP additional supplements
  • Pacing and posting expectations: Once every two to three days.

Characters and Players

Character Player Notes
Shantanu Xun Legix Captain
Saathi Pavitra Ametheliana Pilot
Paana Lootera Doshii Jun Criminal
Dema Sokolof Gunhand4171 Pool-boy
Ahmound Mumti Cordinarr Dream Consort
Lethi Bian NPC Pool-girl
listri_belowa NPC Food Slinger

Open Positions



Thread List


YE 39

At the beginning of YE 39 and the start of the Iroma's newest year, on Hlarai's Uhral Isles, the Reva Maya began its final preparations and began boarding its residents. It prepared for its maiden voyage, a new airship to bring about a future… one of both hope and profit.

GM Info

  • Mushroom Man (Legix): Nice and sweet
  • Lewdy Lady (Ame): V similar. Nice. Sweet. Also known as the Horny Messiah.

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