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Ahmound Mumti

Ahmound Mumti is a player character played by Cordinarr.

Ahmound Mumti
Species & Gender: Hlaraian Iromakuanhe Male
Age: AR 25 / YE 33
Organization: The Dreamer Vigil
Occupation: Dream Consort
Current Placement: HAS Reva Maya

Physical Description

Ahmound is 5'7โ€œ, he has rose pink skin, messy unkempt orange hair that falls to his earlobe with a mismatched pair of blue and violet eyes. His body is lithe and long, that doesn't tell of any physical exercise beyond that of his work. His body is almost devoid of all hair except for the forest on his head.

Starting from the nape of his neck, there are tattoos that adorn his body that are all sky blue. A pair of dots are encircled by two ropes of lines that continue down his back. Each rope branches at the top of his shoulder blades and follow down his arms where they wrap around each wrist ending in a spiral on the back of each hand. The left hand spirals counter-clockwise and the right clock-wise.

As the strands journey downward the branch further to follow his ribcage and wrap around his torso, winding together in a pleasing pattern across his sternum.

The strands finally make their way down his backside and begin to mirror those on his arms. Finally wrapping around his ankles and ending in spirals.

The following Symboitics:

Progressive: Heating hands and vibrating fingers. Heating is activated by tracing the spiral starting at the wrist, that warms up to skin around his hands to a pleasurable degree. Tracing it in reverse turns it off. Fingers can be popped at the knuckle, doing so sends reverberations through the fingers. Popping the same knuckle stops it.

Homoculous: A special gland is added to help boost the immune system of the Dream Consort to fight off any diseases he should encounter.


Easy going and friendly, Ahmound takes little to heart. Always looking to place a kind word in the ears of the down-trodden, lift the spirits of the broken-hearted, or share in the festivities of the jovial, Ahmound seeks to enjoy life for what it is. All the while, attempting to dish out wisdom when he feels it's right, he often forgets he's not so wise himself.

Should he find himself in a situation where tensions are high and anger is elevating, Ahmound will attempt to defuse the situation. Failing that, he'll attempt to remove himself from it altogether. If there is the slightest possibility that there will be fighting going on, he will politely bow out, recognizing he's a lover not a fighter.


Ahmound Mumti was born in AR 917 / YE 14.

Born into a loving home to Darzia and Zheha Mumti, Ahmound is their only child. Growing up was rather normal for him, however they found that Ahmound have several distinctive re-occuring dreams. He was brought before a Dream Priest that interpreted the dreams for them, and was told that his path lied deeper within that of the Dreamer Vigil. At the age of 12 Ahmound left home to begin traveling the worlds and learning more and more about his place among them and his people.

It was when he turned 16 that he took the Dream Consorts oaths and began intense studies of meditation. Ahmound's pilgrimage eventually led him back home to Hlarai. There the local Dream Priesthood bid him to seek out the HAS Reva Maya and act as an envoy of the Dreamer Vigil to the ship. To watch over those that journey over the land, take care of their spirits and their bodies, and guide their dreams.

Social Connections

Ahmound Mumti is connected to:

Darzia Mumti (Father)

Zheha Mumti (Mother)

Madi Atan (Temple Guardian)

Meha Anim (Dream Consort Teacher)

Shana Mudni (Shrine Keeper)

Negees Mubi (Dream Consort, Partner at times)

Skills Learned:

  • Humanities
  • Knowledge
  • Domestic
  • Art and Vocations
  • Communication

Inventory & Finance

Ahmound Mumti has the following items:

4 pairs of loose clothing of different colors that could look like they could fall of if he didn't wear them properly. Handmade.

1 pair of formal wear

3 pairs of shoes

20 non-scented candles

15 sticks of incense

3 incense holders

5 bottles of massage oils

1 nice looking tea set

A Solanii Datarod

5000 KD

OOC Information

In the case Cordinarr becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? No
Character Data
Character NameAhmound Mumti
Character OwnerCordinarr
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use
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