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Shichou Bladed Weapon

With the splitting of the United Outer Colonies from the Yamatai Empire, there were also groups which split into off-shoot clans separate from the Motoyoshi and Ketsurui. One of the clans which separated and became its own was the Shichou Clan. Consisting of ex-samurai and former Star Army of Yamatai officers, the Shichou clan has a rich military history which has resulted in their desire to carry a blade as a symbol of their clan's heritage.

Due to the Shichou clan being such a new and undeveloped power, they found a need to commission their weapon to be developed by a third party. The Lorath Matriarchy was selected to produce their weapon due to their rich history in melee combat and their inherent technological capabilities in regard to close-range weapon development.

Shichou Clan Dagger


The Shichou Clan Dagger has been designed to be utilized in melee combat in confined spaces such as starships, buildings, and trenches. The design of the weapon has been developed to allow for a high capability for the weapon in regard to blunt-force damage, slashing damage, and stabbing damage.


Technical Information


Standard Blade Material: Durandium core, Nerimium overlay Standard Grip Material: Rubber-Stonethread Composite Standard Quillion, Pommel, and Handle Material: Nerimium


Standard Blade Type: Double Edged Dagger Standard Handle Type: Trench-Knife Style Knuckle-Duster, Hollow

Dimensions & Weight

Standard Handle Weight: .288kg, Focused Primarily In Pommel Standard Blade Weight: .297kg, Focused Primarily In Mid-Blade Standard Blade Length: 12.7cm Standard Handle Length: 11.43cm

Optional Components & Configurations

Due to a requirement for versatility, the Shichou Clan's dagger has been designed to be able to be customized by the user in a number of ways. A majority of the dagger's versatility can primarily be attributed to long-time Lorath melee weapon design features.

:!: Note: Modifications for the dagger are possible due to the blade being fixed to the handle of the weapon through the use of high-strength screw threading.

Standard Components

:!: These components are standard in all configurations
  • Pommel embedded communication device, 5,000km range
  • Knuckle-duster
  • Stonethread grip
  • Quillion attachment points
  • Screw-on blade with nerimium threading

'Sting' Configuration

  • Knuckle-duster incorporated electrical contacts. Voltage output, 190,000v
  • Heated snap-on edge covers, 2800C temperature
  • Power source; bacterial charge pack and capacitor system embedded in handle.

'Plague' Configuration

  • Knuckle-duster incorporated chemical-release and injector system
  • Injector/Chemical release blade, twin hollowed tubes, edge release.
  • In-handle chemical reservoirs, four separate one ounce reservoirs.

'Thinker' Configuration

  • Handle-integrated computing device
  • Handle-integrated gyro-stabilizer, intended for throwing balance
  • Structol B treated blade, capable of being used as a data-plug.
  • Blade integrated communication receiver and transmitter boosting system
  • IR, ultra-sonic, and optical sensor system.
  • Handle-embedded neural-feed system, allowing for user-interface with blade using limited Lorath designed Neural-OS function.

'Morph' Configuration

  • Pico-Jelly blade augmentation
  • Handle-integrated pico-jelly control system
  • In-handle pico-jelly storage

'Reach' Configuration

  • In-handle re-pressurizable gas cartage
  • In-handle gas-powered pellet shooter
  • 30 pellet internal magazine
  • Thumb operated trigger
  • Barrel direction, 45' degree angle from blade

'Grappler' Configuration

  • 10 Meters of stonethread cord
  • 'Eye' hole in blade base for cord attachment
  • In-blade gyro-stabilizer
  • In-handle cord-anchor

'Survival' Configuration

  • In-handle first-aid kit; anti-disease and poison nanomachine injector, wound-sealant spray, painkiller.
  • In-blade long-range communication booster
  • Spark-producing strip on handle and blade
  • 1oz organic pico-jelly
  • 1oz metallic pico-jelly
  • 1oz plastic pico-jelly
  • mini pico-jelly controller

'Zero-G' Configuration

  • In-handle gravity field manipulator with pommel-communicator link
  • On-handle magnetic strip
  • 10 meters of stonethread thread

'Sonic' Configuration

  • High-frequency vibration feature, electromagnetic and mechanical produced
  • High-frequency sound producing vibration feature
  • Voice to vibration feature, for high-frequency sonic communication, unable to be heard without pommel communication device or other monitoring system

'Beamer' Configuration

  • Quilion integrated laser emitter, variable intensity DR 2
  • In-handle bacterial charge pack and capacitor system
  • Pommel integrated high intensity UV and high focus LED light source. Capable of inducing temporary blindness at long range, and permanent blindness at close range on highest setting and is capable of igniting dry materials at close range. DR 1
Note: High intensity light feature inspired by: UOC Flashlight1)

'Searing Blade' Configuration

The Extension

The Shichou clan has roots which reach back into the Ketsurui Samurai. Due to these roots, the heritage has been honored and an addition-system has been designed for the Shichou dagger. Included in the quillion of the dagger is a connection system designed to allow for the hard-point connection of an extension to the dagger. The extension to the dagger can be selected by the individual Shichou, but the standard extension to the dagger has been selected to be of a 'Großes Messer' sword design.

Standard Extension Details


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