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'Searing Blade' Traditional Melee Weapon System

Designer: Lorath Matriarchy Fyunnen House.

Manufacturer: Lorath Fyunnen - Artisan Division.

(Suggested) Price: Not for sale.

Individual Component Costs: Not for sale.

Nomenclature Information

Name: Searing Blade (Other names given upon preference)

Type: Melee sword based energy weapon.

Model: Enhanced version of a standard issue blade.

Role: Personal protection, anti-personnel, anti-vehicle.

Length: 1 meter.

Mass: 4.5kg

Discharge Information

Projection/ammo type: short range projected heat and plasma energy.

Firing Mechanism: Along the edge of the blade a hard yet heat conductive material is placed over the standard blade edge, this edge is heated by the use of a power cell located in the tang of the blade. Concentrated plasma gasses are stored in the pommel of the weapon, upon a time of a small switch being held down by the user of the blade the gasses are passed up through the hilt, and past the guard of the blade, the plasma gas is then ejected in a steady stream over the edge of the blade causing a “plasma saber” like effect.

Beam Diameter: 1mm to 1cm

Beam Arc: the plasma gasses travel over the edge of the blade.

Effective Range Melee rage.

Maximum Range: as far as the weapon can be thrown.

Minimum Range: Arm’s length to range that the weapon can be thrown.

Muzzle Blast: A bright light of various colors depending upon additive contents of the plasma mixture, the edge of the blade heated without a plasma charge would have a glowing red color.

Firing Mode(s): No charge, heated edge, plasma stream, heated edge with plasma stream.

Recoil: Dependant upon how hard the blade is swung.

Damage Description: Damage induced by the weapon is dependant upon the setting used for the weapon. When used without charge the blade leaves a simple cutting damage. Meanwhile while used with either the plasma or heat, a wide range of thermal damages can occur.

Ammo Description

Name: Bacterial Charge Pack, highly compressed gas container.

  • Visual Description: the blade’s hilt and pommel.
  • Charge: 1/2-3 hours depending upon heat setting or gas release setting.

Name: Electrical charge pack.

  • Visual Description: Typical rapiers handle appearance.
  • Charge: 30 min to 1 hour, dependant upon discharge frequency.
  • Damage Description: Electrical damage, including; heat effects, muscle twitching, loss of bowel control, coma, death.

Name: Hyper-sonic vibration device.

  • Visual Description: Typical rapiers handle appearance.
  • Charge: 30 min to 1 hour, dependant upon frequency of vibration.
  • Damage Description: through the use of hyper sonic waves, the blade of the weapon vibrates at a frequency that cannot be heard or felt by the warrior wielding the weapon, but when matter comes in contact with the edge of the blade, the edge is able to cut into the matter with increased ease due to the vibrations.

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Scabbard.

Fire mode selector: small twistable switches located on the hilt, pommel, or guard dependant upon personal preference.

Weapon Sight: None

Attachment Hard points: Guard and Pommel.

Self Destruct: The blade can be set to destroy itself upon the death of it’s user by the use of a simple set of computer chips that monitor the heart and brainwaves. Also if required the blade can self destruct in an explosive manner if required, this can be achieved by attaching an additional charge pack to the pommel of the blade. The following explosion would occur in one minute, and the explosion size would be dependant upon the remaining plasma charge in the weapon.

Maintenance Information

Field Maintenance Procedure: cloth polishing, feeding of organic matter by syringe into a receptacle point upon the guard of the weapon to ensure the health of the bacterial charge pack. Changing of the compressed gas container, or recharge with a gas supply.

Replaceable Parts and components: All parts are replaceable, interchangeable, and repairable by a certified Warrior Artisan or by a properly trained Warrior.

Visual Description

The weapon retains the appearance of a standard blade; the blade appearance depends upon the personal preference of the warrior that is to be using the weapon. The distinguishing feature that shows that the blade has been modified is the darkened edge of the blade where the heating element is located.


Members of the warrior house have been known for their melee combat abilities since even before the imprisonment of the Lorath race, thus they have become very fond of melee based weapons, and have shunned long range devices. Due to this preference, research has been carried out to improve melee weapons as much as possible to allow for the extended usefulness of the traditional weapons.

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