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26mm 'Cy'Dyo' Anti-material Rifle

Manufactured by and for the Lorath Self Defense Force as well as the United Manufacturing Cooperative, the Lorath designed and named 'Cy'Dyo', or 'Longing Touch' in conventional Trade dialect, has been designed to be the primary military-grade 'sniper rifle' to be made available to the Lorath Self Defense Force and affiliated groups. Initial prototypes were produced in YE 33, prototype models were made available in YE 34, and came only after the collapse of the United Outer Colonies. Actual fielding of the rifle was postponed to YE 36, only once a substantial number of rifles had been produced, suitable in quantity to be distributed throughout the LSDF.

Recommended retail price is 7,500 HS/KS

Nomenclature Information

Designers: Lorath Self Defense Force, United Manufacturing Cooperative Manufacturer: Lorath Self Defense Force, United Manufacturing Cooperative Name: LM-SMR-SR-BA/SA1)-001 -2) 'Cy'Dyo' 26mm Anti-Material Rifle. Type: Chemical Propellant Solid Munition Precision Rifle Role: Anti-Material Sniper Rifle Length: 88 Inches / 2.23 Meters Mass: 75.2 Lbs / 34.11 Kg

About the 'Cy'Dyo'

During the conflicts of both the first and second wars against the Mishhuvurthyar, the Lorath Matriarchy conducted weapons research and development operations which produced a wide range of weapons, even including the LSDF β€œEk'yra” Railgun Service Rifle. While the Ek'yra was suitable for a majority of operations, it lacked the capability to properly operate as a 'sniper rifle' due to framework limitations. Due to the lack of an available in-house manufactured 'sniper' weapon, the Lorath Matriarchy developed the Cy'Dyo, or 'Longing Touch', to fill the role and provide Lorath Self Defense Force infantry personnel with the capability to effectively engage soft and armored assets at extended ranges.


The 'Cy'Dyo' has a conventional rifle design, with a single large and long barrel, a mostly conventional stock assembly, and an adjustable shock-absorbing buttstock. Mounting points are included on the top of the weapon, as well as the underside of the forestock. Units are manufactured in a variety of color schemes. Pictured is a bolt-action variant of the 'Cy'Dyo'.

Discharge Information

Firing Mechanism

Available in semi-automatic and bolt-action models.

In both semi-automatic and bolt action models, when the bolt is pulled back, the mainspring is compressed, along with the trigger assembly spring attached to the firing pin. When released, the bolt is slid forward in the direction of the barrel, stripping a round from the magazine. Once the bolt has slid forward, the round stripped from the magazine is chambered. At this stage, the bolt rotates, and is locked into position, the rifle is ready to fire. When the trigger is pulled, trigger mechanism components act upon the spring attached to the firing pin, releasing the compression, forcing the pin to strike the cartridge primer, igniting it, thus firing the weapon.

In semi-automatic models, once fired, the bolt automatically slides back due to the gas release of the round discharge triggering an unlock and rotation mechanism, freeing the bolt to be pushed back by the gas pressure, while also operating an internal mechanism which ejects the spent shell casing from the weapon through the ejector port. When forced back, the bolt compresses the mainspring before being pushed back into position while stripping the next round from the magazine, repeating the initial process.

In bolt-action models, the bolt is operated manually after each discharge of the weapon, and the round ejection mechanism is weakened in function, gently ejecting the spent cartridge from the weapon, as opposed to the force which is usually delivered by the semi-automatic model.

During discharge, the weapon produces significant recoil, this recoil is dissipated by a muzzle brake system with four diagonal facing ports.


Rate of Fire: 90 Rounds Per Minute Muzzle Velocity: 1,700 Meters Per Second Optimal Effective Range: 6,500 Meters @ 1G Maximum Effective Range: 11,265 Meters @ 1G


26mmx177mm Chemically Propelled Projectiles: Damage Rating Munition Dependent.

5 Round magazine standard for semi-automatic model

Weapon Mechanisms

Safety: Ambidextrous safety selector switch.

Fire Mode Selector: None.

Weapon Sight A: Mounted telescopic sight standard issue, with range-finding etched reticle, with elevation, windage, parallax, magnification, and focus controls. 4-30×50

Weapon Sight B: Mounted and battery powered telescopic sight special issue, with stadiametric range-finding etched reticle, with elevation, windage, parallax, optical magnification, illumination, and focus controls. Internal OLED coating for targeting related overlays. Integrated passive and active EM sensor system, with visible spectrum emission capabilities for laser sighting purposes. Includes hard-wire data port.

Attachment Hard Points: Topside optics mounting rail, bottom-side stabilizing hardware mounting points rail and hardware compatible, carry strap loops.

Recoil Compensator System, Butt-stock: Each unit comes equipped with an adjustable butt-stock which is capable of being extended or retracted to better suit a shooter's arm length. Integrated into the stock is a spring and gas-pressure based recoil dissipating system which reduces recoil from 350 ft-lb prior to dissipation, to 45 ft-lb at contact with the shooter3).

Standard Issue Support System: Standard issue bipod, with feet allowing for stationary mounting with rivets, bolts, screws, nails, or other methods of securing the weapon to a stationary object.

Special Issue Support System: Special issue bipod, with stabilizing feet, self-deploying pitons, and a battery-cell powered stabilizer and correction mechanism, capable of being hard-wire connected to Weapon Sight B package to provide electronically and mechanically assisted targeting4).

Nerimium Structural Reinforcement: A thin Nerimium lining has been installed upon the bolt, chamber, and barrel interior. While considerably increasing the weight of the weapon, these enhancements provide superior capability in allowing the weapon to endure the sizable pressures involved with the use of 26mm munitions.

Replaceable Parts and Components

All parts are replaceable and interchangeable with factory manufactured components, however, professional gunsmith training is recommended when working with internal mechanisms.

Bolt action (BA) and semi-automatic (SA) models produced.
Lorath Matriarchy - Sniper Rifle – Solid Munition Rifle – Bolt Action or Semi-automatic - 001
End foot-pound figure includes muzzle brake compensation
It aims for the operator

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