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LSDF Engineering Testing Compartment

The engineering and testing compartment has been designed to serve as a test area in starships, stations, and other installations which can provide engineers with an area to test repaired equipment, or new designs. These designs are intended to be fielded by the LSDF and affiliates.


Often there are situations in field deployments when engineers are required to test-run equipment which has been repaired or which they have freshly designed, also often, these trial runs become hazardous or downright dangerous. Due to the hazard posed by engineering accidents, a dedicated testing compartment has been designed to facilitate the engineer's tinkering needs.


The engineering testing compartment is split into two sections, the test chamber and the monitoring chamber. These sections are connected by airlock, and are secured from one another by forcefield augmented Nerimium blast shutters, and secured Duremium Alloy hatches.

Test Chamber

The test chamber is a twenty meter long, twenty meter wide, and ten meter tall layered box which is constructed from Duremium Alloy,Nerimium, boron carbide, and metallic Pico-Jelly. The test chamber includes embedded sensors, robotic arm equipment, and usually includes a nerimium clad disposal tube which allows for rapid disposal of hazardous materials to the vacuum of space. Behind several bulkheads of the test chamber are cabinets which include engineering supplies and equipment, along with first aid supplies, and six 'Wind' Armor Series, two with Gust Armor Kit.

Additional equipment can be added to the test chamber as needed by engineering crew. The test chamber is connected to other sections by a pair of lift systems as well, which can allow for personnel transport, or large material transport.

Monitoring Chamber

The monitoring chamber of the testing compartment is designed to serve as a viewing station for items under testing within the test chamber. The monitoring chamber includes a long multi-station interface console placed near the reinforced view port which faces into the test chamber. On the monitoring station side of the view port a volumetric and OLED display have been incorporated to overlay displayed data upon the viewing area. Adjacent to the interface console is a Pico-Jelly and volumetric display console which serves to provide a three-dimensional display and interface to engineers.

Each monitoring chamber includes a cabinet which houses tools, equipment, first aid supplies, fire suppression equipment, and six 'Wind' Armor Series, two with Gust Armor Kit. Along with the cabinet supplied equipment, the test room also includes a single AMX-101 WINTER without armraments.

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