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Lorath Groups and Factions

The Lorath are a caste-driven race meaning different societal tasks are broken down into sub-species of Lorath - each seemingly evolved to exceed at their given task. Note worthy is that while it is normal for siblings to copulate, cross-caste relations are seen as unusual and sometimes distasteful. Important is that there are always exceptions to the rules.


  • Tur'Lista - Tur'lista are politically and religiously motivated and responsible for cohesion between the different castes. They are also the smallest caste.
  • Lmanel - a shape-shifting species usually devoted to matters of religious importance, noteworthy for the fact they work closest to the Helashio, who are the slave-classes and they are deeply tied to the state of nature and the natural world.
  • Fyunnen - Defenders of the Lorath people and commonly warriors and fighters. They tend to be very large and physically imposing. It is almost entirely dominated by females.
  • New Tur'lista - individuals which have been born in, or descended from, the original Occhestian caste
  • Occhestian - Once one of the three original houses. They have since seemingly abandoned the Lorath for their own interests. They were the primary driving force of scientific development for a long time.



The Helashio - The former surface rulers of Lor who were reduced to a slave-class when the Lorath emerged from their underground dwellings out of mercy instead of wiping them out. Formerly, the Lorath were the slave-class of the Helashio.

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