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Long-Range Colony Ship

Several centuries ago, the small family of Oo'oo'oo, a child family of the Oo'tut wanted to explore the darkness of deep space. Knowing they would not be able to ask the Ee'thie for supplies, the Oo'oo'oo asked the Ith'ee to build them a ship that would act as their home.


About the Ship

This ship was designed with only one purpose, to act as a small planet for the I'ee family of Oo'oo'oo. Designed to last for hundred, if not thousands of years if properly maintained, this ship is a low-tech masterpiece of long range, deep-space travel.

Key Features

The ship is designed with four complete landmasses within the belly of the ship. A small island worth in tillable land, its main feature are the four massive spaces in the centre of the ship. This is used to give the I'ee a home which they can enjoy something that at least mimics the idea of the great outdoors. 560m high at their peak they provide plenty of space for I'ee to get their exercise and fix for hunting. The outer layers of the ship are designed to function more like a ship, with everything required for such a massive spacecraft to operate, as well as levels for added food production, and housing.

Mission Specialization

With such a specialised ship, there are not many uses. However, what uses it does have, it is very well equipped to function as such.

  • Deep Space Colony Ship
  • Mass Food Production


The ship from a glance looks like a massive, flattened egg. 8km in length, 2.5km in height, and 4km wide, it is impressive for its size. The hull is a dull gold, with three black bands going horizontally across the body. Two prongs stick out the engine ports, and the bridge is set on the front of the craft.

History and Background

The original Oo'oo'oo, always had a dream of discovering something hiding in deep space. So, she requisitioned a colony ship so that she could live her dream. When it was completed, she spared no time to get her children aboard and take off for its first and final voyage. She never intended to return to the I'ee as a whole.

Statistics and Performance

This ship is designed for endurance. It will keep on ticking so long as it isn't abused. Given their plan to explore deep space, they kept small ship at a minimum. The more room they had for starting their lands and maintaining their ship. It is slow, reasonably sturdy, and built to last.


  • Class: N/A
  • Type: Colony Ships
  • Designers: Ith'ee
  • Manufacturer: Ith'ee
  • Fielded by: Oo'oo'oo


Crew: 3,000 operators are recommended, 1,000 are required.

Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 25,000 people. About 35,000 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.


  • Length: 8,000 meters
  • Width: 4,000 meters
  • Height: 2,500 meters
  • Decks: 28 (10 meters each, 4 decks 560 meters)

Propulsion and Range

  • Alcubierre Drive: 1.5x c with frequent cool down periods.
  • Sublight Engines: 4000km/s
  • Range: Unknown
  • Lifespan: 10,000 YE minimum
  • Refit Cycle: N/A

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: T-15
  • Shields: N/A

Inside the Ship

Inside the ship, most notably, are the four massive decks dedicated to providing the I'ee with plenty of space to hunt and fly should they feel the need to. Massive full spectrum UV lights along the top provide realistic sunlight to the I'ee within, and the decks are so large they can house an artificial weather system. two of the outer decks are used for mass production of cattle animals, twenty are used for crew living quarters, and two are used for maintenance of engines and other important functions.

Deck Layout

These decks are layered in the assigned fashion, mirrored, from the closest to the hull, to the furthest.

  • Housing x5
  • Cattle Production
  • Housing x5
  • Atrium x2
  • Maintenance

Compartment Layouts

The Oo'oo'oo Colony Ship does not have much in the way of variety, but they have plenty of room for what they need!


The Bridge of the Colony ship holds control of all mobile function of the ship. Manning, the bridge is done mainly for show, as very rarely will the Oo'oo'oo need to change course.

Queen's Suite

The queen is among the only I'ee allowed to make a residence within one of the Atriums on the ship. This provides the Queen with the highest level of comfort so that she may enjoy her ship and what it can do for her. Built in a tiny cabin in the top middle Atrium, she has access to all the ships systems, as well as all video feeds. Given the queen is the only one who gives birth, this is also the birthing center. Larva are kept close to the queen until they are old enough to join the rest of the family.

Cargo Storage Areas

Food based storage for the ship is done locally in the food production section of the ship. All other non-food based storage is done through the centre most decks in the maintenance decks.

Crew Cabins

The crew 'cabins' are more like large halls that the I'ee congregate in, to sleep when not working or enjoying one of the four Atriums.


Four massive Atriums, walking through one you would think you were on a planet. Each Atrium is unique from the others with how it's trees, fields, and water features are set up. Each Atrium has plenty of prey type animals roaming about so that young I'ee can hunt to their heart's content. Due to the massive size of each Atrium, they are actually capable of operating a simple natural weather phenomenon, where various forms of condensation such as rain and fog can take hold, depending on the airflow plans of the day.

Food Production

The food production zones are massive, industrial cattle raising. Plenty of food is born, raised, killed, and stored to maintain the food for the ship. Humanity is not a concern for the I'ee on this ship, preferring to maintain a healthy back stock of food.


These two decks cut through the entire centre of the ship. All critical functions of the ship are operated through these two bays. Generators, Life Support, Engines, Sensors, even a minimal hangar bay for a handful of small craft for maintenance purposes can be found on these two decks.

Maintenance Conduits

Given the largely open concept of the ship, maintenance conduits are often unnecessary, but there are a few that allow easy access to critical parts of larger machines within the maintenance sections of the ship.

Medical Center

Housed in the Maintenance section of the ship, the Medical Centre is there for when I'ee are injured or sick. With enough medical equipment to deal with most any problems an I'ee may face, it is often well stocked with natural medicines, more powerful medicines kept in storage for if the Queen ever falls ill.


Passageways are often short, given the distance between the various decks being minor and the open concept design of a majority of the ship. Given the I'ee can fly, elevators are replaced with simple shafts that allow them to go from level to level with minimum risk.

Shuttle Bays

At the front end of the Maintenance deck, the floor separating the two decks is removed to make room for a small hangar. This hangar contains a handful of ships largely used for maintenance or collecting space rocks the queen might desire to be brought on board.

Ship Systems

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

  • N/A: The Colony Ship uses armour roughly equivalent to contemporary materials. Against the modern weaponry of most space-faring civilisations, it might as well not exist.


Vehicle Complement


20 x small Maintenance ships.

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