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I'ee Particle Drive

The technology for the I'ee's particle drive has been around for as long as the modern families can remember. Even Ithee, the oldest surviving family group, has no memory of where exactly their particle core technology comes from. Despite this, it has become an invaluable asset for the insectoid species' space faring endeavours. The central power source is a dense cluster of exotic particles held in place by powerful, electromagnetic fields. From this core, the particles are channeled out through long, metallic prongs, creating a fairly powerful thrust.

While an advanced technology, the particles used by the drive systems are highly dangerous when uncontained, with most of them remaining unidentified by the I'ee. A destabilisation of the core's containment field will cause the particles to explosively scatter in all directions, with most eating their way through any matter in their path. In addition, destroying the drive's channelling prongs will severely hamper the engine's speed.

Particle Core

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