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Te-G1 Anaba Super Karaoke Machine

Logo A TC Company

Manufacturer: Taichimora Entertainment Technologies (TET) Nomenclature: Te-G1 Designer: Taichimora Entertainment Technologies (TET) Price: 290 KS Date Available: YE 28

Bio / History

TET stared making themselves known as a manufacture at the beginning of this year. They had previously been making small manufactured electronic components for other companies but decided to manufacture their own venture products. The Anaba is one of these venture products, the device is quite simple yet complex, It has two holographic projectors, one for the target and one for the audience, a wireless microphone, a high definition speaker, a small motion sensor and a computer. To start the karaoke machine it is turned on at a large green push button on the front, then the sensors follow hand movements over the holographic projected buttons. For song selection, once you select a song the machine projects a pre-created frame image around the singer and the words for the singer in holographic floating letters, it can be set for first time mode, where the words are much easier to follow and the singer cannot see the audience.

It has several monitors that can tell pitch, accuracy of notes and can give a rank from FFF BAD to AAA+ GOOD [FFF-FF-F-ect], has tournament scores and a second microphone for sing offs and duets.


Around the size of a games console [our world] with 2 projection lenses, both on the same side, a button on the top next to the hole the mic plugs into to recharge, comes in a variety of colors.


Holographic Sequences for Songs - sold in cubes released every month or so containing all new tracks by current artists, the pre-programmed songs remain but these songs can be interchanged constantly allowing for a diverse song collection.

Special - Several Special editions of these were made, with a mahogany and silver box with the Star Army of Yamatai logo, and a independent ship logo on it. This was done after the head of the company fell in love with a member of the star army and decided to donate several hundred special editions to the SAOY. These should be coming to ships soon, they have a collection of Song cubes to suit any taste, how long they stay on a ship is disputable.

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