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Mark III - "Legend" Jacket

A custom made jacket for Luca. Replicas and offshoots exist and can be bought commercially, but without all of the fancy gear.


Year: YE 31 Government: Nepleslian, Lorath Matriarchy Organization: Godfrey & Morrison Clothing Company Type: Combat Jacket Designer: Godfrey & Morrison Clothing Company Manufacturer: Godfrey & Morrison Clothing Company Production: Exclusively Made to Order, with Measurements (Mark II and Mark I available for public sale)

Cost: 2200 KS (Shipping, Handling and Tailoring costs included)

Pricing Breakdown

Item Cost
Jacket Materials, Leather 100 KS
Jacket Materials, Wool 50 KS
Jacket Materials, Foam 50 KS
Stone Thread 1000 KS
Durandium Plates 600 KS
Tailoring & Labour 400 KS

Damage Reduction: Personal 4

Structural Point Cost: 4 (3 without plates, 3 without stone thread, 2 without plates and stone thread)


Godfrey and Morrison Company were content with making fine jackets and clothing for the masses, and making elaborate custom clothing for whoever could afford it. One of their lines, the โ€œPrivateerโ€ and โ€œHeroโ€ series of jackets earned particular acclaim for their mix of comfort, looks and practicality. When Luca Pavone bought his own โ€œHeroโ€ jacket, and wore it as his signature item, Godfrey and Morrison Company were beseeched by various benefactors to start making an armoured version. They weren't able to do it alone.

What they got in the end were material donations from the Lorath Traders and NAM Terratech to aid in the production of the armoured clothing. However, in return, Godfrey and Morrison had to make it available to order rather than just making the one jacket. They agreed on the condition that each suit is tailor-made for their wearers.


Appears to be a black/brown leather jacket with white shoulder pads and similarly composed cuffs that start at the wrist and extends to the elbow. The back of the jacket has four belt-shaped holes in which a combat harness can be strapped through. Similar holes are also underneath the shoulder pads, and anchor them to the shoulders whilst providing comfort.



The jacket itself is made of a three-layer composition of Leather, Stone Thread, and Wool on the inside. The leather is to provide a stylish, and still deceptive look, the Stone thread is used to provide a protective layer against physical, ballistic and energy attacks. The wool is there to provide comfort, cushioning and warmth. There are two front pockets at the waistline, a front pocket on the right breast, and an inside pocket on the left breast.

Cuffs and Shoulders

The Cuffs and Shoulder Pads are made of a tougher, less flexible leather and foam, and have hollowed areas for inserting further armour plating. Ideally, a pair of lightweight Durandium plates is hidden in the cuffs. The plates provide further protection against small arms fire and hand weapons.

The Shoulder pads are made similarly, but have more soft foam backing to provide comfort for the wearer.


The harnesses start at the belt, thread up over the shoulders, and criss-cross over the back and through the loopholes, then back to the belt. It is capable of carrying a small pistol under the right shoulder, two large pistol-shaped items on both hips. A mounting bracket can be attached to the back of the jacket to hold longer weapons, such as shotguns or assault rifles.

Ammunition is carried on a pair of butt packs (on the back of the belt), and two front pouches to compliment the holsters. Additional pouches may be put under the right shoulder at the expense of being a bit unwieldy.

Other Versions

Mark II - "Hero" Jacket

Very similar in appearance to the Mark III, but lacks the Stone Thread, intermingled Harnesses and additional armour plating. This is available for common sale, unlike the Mark III, which is made especially to order.

Cost: 600 KS, off of the shelf.

Mark I - "Privateer" Jacket

As above, but lacks the wool lining. Preferred by customers who work in hotter areas.

Cost: 550 KS, off of the shelf.

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