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GS-E1-M3406 Passenger (MCS)

The GS-E1-M3406 MCS is an optional made for use in the Ge-E1-1a - Tenba-Class Transporter in YE 34.


Class: Passenger (Capacity of 42) Nomenclature: Ge-E1-M3406 Type: Mission Configurable Section Designers: Tamahagane Corporation R&D Manufacturer: Geshrinari Shipyards Organizations using: Tamahagane Corporation, Scientific Studies Service (SSS)

The Passenger MCS allows the Tenba to carry forty-two passengers. It has two dedicated restrooms. A drink dispenser and a Geshrinari Work Table to supply meals and entertainment. Passenger cargo is stored in a compartment under the floor. Baggage must not be taller than .4 meters. There is no step down in this MCS because the floor is raised to accommodate the baggage area. The MCS has seats covered in acceleration foam, that recline for comfort, and feature three way restraints.

Passenger MCS

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