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Subjugator-Class Landing Ship

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Background and History

The Subjugator is the first of the Star Army large-scale logistics craft. Entered service in YE 23 Designed to work as both transports and bases for the Star Army's Ground Forces regiments, they quickly became the most common ship in the Star Army's inventory due to the intense demand. As a result of the need for rapid production, some sacrifices have been made that make the Subjugator somewhat vulnerable when compared to the Star Army's combat vessels at the time. It lacks the Zesuaium frame and armor common to Star Army warships, the TTD, and is only lightly armed, however, it has an excellent recycling system which allows for the ship to operate for years without need of resupply.

The ships are long and narrow, with a basically rectangular form, with a light blue-gray hull. While not sleek or curvy, the ships are visually appealing. Unfortunately, the insides of the ships are less than comfortable. Although the Army Star Regiments, which the Star Army originally planned to disband, were theoretically available to make up crews for these ships, the fleets were also having trouble in getting things done due to a lack of high-level leadership. With both remaining Taishos absent on missions, the captains of the second fleet decided that it would be best to train the tankers to fly themselves into the battlefield, where a computer AI or remote control would take over once the tanks were planet-side. The ships were under strict production timelines, and were made as fast as possible, without any sort of field-testing beforehand. Ironically, the AI was never implemented.

Subjugator Landing Ships not only lack in armor, but in a number of other areas as well. The first six hundred – the original two batches (one 500, one 100 – YL-01 through YL-600) – ships were originally sent into space without functional weapons systems. The rushed production also resulted in the vast majority of the armor crews never receiving any type of training on the Subjugator. Added to the confusion is the fact no technical manual has been produced for the ships as of yet. Technicians from other ships of the supporting fleets must go out to fix the numerous difficulties of the ships, but it is very difficult to keep up.

The landing ships are dirty and under-maintenance inside, with wires running everywhere and full of non-standard, jerry-rigged systems.

The Subjugator class was used exclusively by the 2nd and 3rd Fleets for a few years before all Subjugator units were moved into Kyoto-class Carriers in late YE 25. The six hundred ships were then made available to the public to buy (tanks not included).

When the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia became independent in YE 28, it inherited 200 retired Subjugator-class transports (YL-401 to YL-600), which mostly sat in storage until YE 33 they were used in Evacuation of the Tange System, with only 2 of the ships lost. After that the remaining ships spent another ten years in storage.

Statistical Data

Government: Yamatai Star Empire

Ship Type: Heavy Transport and Landing Craft

Class: β€œSubjugator” Ki-L1-1a (KFY acquired the designs)

Manufacturer: Geshrinari Shipyards (under Ketsurui Heavy Industries)

Crew: 400 total

  • 100 Tank Drivers
  • 100 Tank Engineers
  • 100 105mm Gunners
  • 100 35mm Gunners

Length: 550 feet (168 meters)

Width: 80 feet (24 meters)

Height: 35 feet (11 meters)

Weight: 147,000 tons (About 133,000,000 kg)

Propulsion and Speed Data

Main Power System: Quantum Slipstream Core (Powers Continuum Distortion Drive)

Auxiliary Power System: 6 KG-671 Aetheric Energy Generators (600 TW)

Emergency Power: 2 KG-262 Supersolenoid Reactors

Continuum Distortion Drive: SARA XW-02

Sublight Engines: KE-209 Spatial Displacement Drive

Maneuvering Thrusters: 18 KMT-K1 thruster clusters

Anti-Gravity System: KEDS-26 Distributed Hull Inertial Redirection System

Anti-Gravity System, Internal: KIG-4 Force Stabilizer

Speed (Sublight): .65c (~194,865 kilometers per second) (~121,083 miles per second)

Continuum Distortion Drive: ~19,226c

Planet-Bound: Mach 2 in atmosphere. The ship has landing gear and can land in a body of water.

Maximum Range: Undetermined

Lifespan: The vessel is rated at 20+ years, not including upgrades.

Weapons Data

Main Beam Cannons (2)

The primary weapons of the Subjugator-class landing ships are a pair of heavy beam cannons built into the forward hull of the ship.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Starship
  • Secondary Purpose: Assault
  • Damage: Heavy
  • Range: 2,000,000
  • Rate of Fire: Once every five seconds
  • Payload: Effectively Unlimited

Beam Cannon Turrets (140)

Twenty-five turrets defend each side of the ship, with 50 on the bottom of the ship and 20 on the top, 10 on the rear, and 10 to the front.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Fighter
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-Warship
  • Damage: Light to Moderate
  • Range: 250,000 miles
  • Rate of Fire: 5 times a second
  • Payload: Effectively Unlimited

Systems Data

ADN Device

The Subjugator is equipped with a ADN Device.

Escape Pods

100 escape pods, each able to hold up to four people, are located onboard. They are capable of sustaining life for 48 hours and contain 18 standard Star Army rations, a survival kit, a medical kit, and usually some weaponry. The pods also have a stasis function, and can support it occupants in stasis for over a century. The pod contains a homing device, but it must be manually activated.

Graviton Beam Projectors (10)

This device creates a stream of gravitons which can be used to tow other spacecraft.


The lift provides quick access from the main deck to the sub-decks. The lift can also be used to travel to other ships when vessels link together (most Star Army ships have standard gauges of lift systems, allowing lift cars to move from ship to ship).

Shield Systems

The Subjugator has a fairly good shielding system, relying on an elliptical spatial distortion to warp space around it and alter the course of lasers, missiles, etc. that are headed for the ship.

Temporal-Spatial Distortion System

Using its shield systems, the ship generates its own time-space distortion field. This field serves many purposes, mainly keeping the ship safe from spatiogravitational and temporal attacks including chronoton-based attacks and singularities. It can also operate as a time/space anchor. The DR device (dimensional retriever) is also built into this system.

Time-Modulated Ultra-Wide Band Radar

Signals transmitted by UWB radars are pulses generated pseudo-randomly in time. They are only .5 nanoseconds in duration. The energy content in any conventional frequency band is below the noise, making TM-UWB transmission highly covert unless you know the specific pseudo-random sequence. TM-UWB has no carrier frequency, no conversion either up or down. Because of the low frequency content of TM-UWB signals, they are capable of seeing through foliage and nonmetallic objects better than regular radar can.

Vehicle Component

BW-6b Main Battle Tank (100)

These tanks can be either parachuted from the air or driven off of the landed ship.

See: BW-6 Battle Tank

Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesstarships
Product NameSubjugator-Class Landing Ship
ManufacturerGeshrinari Shipyards
Year DiscontinuedYE 25
Mass (kg)133,000,000 kg
Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass A - STARSHIPS

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