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EM-K3 Armored Mobile Pharmacy

Emrys Industries A TC Company

The AMP is in all fairness a modified version of the EM-K2 Armored Transport, upgraded and altered to be used for the selling of Emrys Industries drugs. It is of very sturdy build, and designed to resist attack in many forms, as well as allowing self distribution of drugs. It is built similar to a tank, crossing the ground on caterpillar tracks (with side guards).

History and Background

After the attempt on Master Admiral Davis' life, and Seru Emrys’ near death experience with a Xaser, Emrys Industries decided that they needed a secure and safe way to distribute their product, that might so easily come under assault from crime. The result was the AMP.

Dimensions and Crew Compliment

Organizations Using This Vessel: Emrys Industries Nomenclature: Em-K3-1a Type: Armored Mobile Pharmacy. Class: Specific Class Name and Model Number. Designer: Emrys Industries Research and Development teams. Manufacturer: Manufacturer: Emrys Industries Production: 150 currently made. Increased number as demand increases.

Crew: 2 (theoretically one could pilot it) Maximum Capacity: In case of emergency nigh on 15-16 people could get in the back. Appearance: Detailed description of what the vessel looks like.

Length: 10m Width: 4m Height: 3.5m

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • 16 ADR

Performance Statistics

Speed (STL): 100 mph (It usually travels significantly slower in towns, but it can reach 100mph quite easily)

Range (Distance): The AMP is not meant to travel outside a city, and thus can only travel for as long as its battery lasts, which is for 48 hours. At this point the AMP shuts down, however there are periodic warning before hand, and systematic loss of systems. Range (Support): There are emergency rations in the pilots compartment, enough for a week. However in the pilots compartment there is only enough oxygen to last 24 hours, 10 for a more populated shop compartment.

Lifespan: The AMP is designed to only require servicing every 6 months. It could run for possibly five or six years before becoming unusable, as long as batteries where supplied.

Refit Cycle: Refits added when they come available.

Inside the Armored Mobile Pharmacy

Pilot's compartment: The Pilots compartment is where the pilots sit, and is made to be highly secure. This is not hard with the protection it has in the form of the walls, shields, and the especially impregnable doors. The compartment itself is quite simple, two comfortable (and reclining) chair, with a console in front. There is a steering wheel and foot pedals for old times sake, but the touch console (with full illuminated controls), can be used instead. In the stack of cupboards to the side of the compartment, behind the drivers, are survival kits, and a weapons locker, with two Gauss needlers, and two peacekeeper cudgels. The front of the compartment is dominated by a large screen. This can show data input from any of the AMP’s camera’s (several at a time actually), or any image in the ships database, video feed from laser or radio, or anything that has visual representation. Speakers allow for audio feed.

Shop: The Shop takes up most of the AMP. It’s a wide room, usually with a table at one end, where the Salesman sits. He can walk around (more holograms give the illusion of the chair being moved), and talks to the customers (never more than three at a time, as enforced by the shields and maser pods). On the table are pamphlets describing the dangerous nature of most drugs, and the non-dangerous nature of Emrys ones, and the various types, which the Salesman encourages people to take. The Shop has various decorations in it, usually simply warm looking warm paper and a carpet, but it differs from AMP to AMP, and can be quite exotic. In the corners of the room or the interior maser pods, occasionally disguised, and all over the Shop are cameras, sometimes in furnishings, sometimes in the walls. There are speakers, in both visible non-visible places that serve as a PA system for the pilots and the Shopkeeper (to give the illusion of speaking, a voice projection system is used).

Ship Systems

Drug distribution device: In the shop there is a console built into the wall, where one can select the drug required, the amount, and then insert the needed amount of money. The drug then pops into a container at the bottom of the console. To stop people trying the whole ‘stick your hand up to dislodge more’, there is a spike that attacks hands that go in. That is if for some reason the pilots haven’t decided to hit whoever it is with maser pulses. The machine is stacked from the pilots compartment, and is heavily duty. Damaging it with anything less than an energy weapon or high calibre rifle would not be easy.

Salesman: The salesman is a semi AI, designed to put a friendly face on the outfit. He is created through holographic projectors in the shop, and talks to customers, telling them about the different varieties of drugs, how to use them, and encouraging them to purchase. He however does not have a physical form. His visual form is usually that of a charming young business man, and it is not wildly known that he is not a real business man, since the one in each AMP are individual, and the Salesman has an aversion to being touched.

Walls: The walls of the AMP are 6 inch bubbled steel-titanium alloy, with special ceramic plating on the outside. The Ceramic is capable of enduring extreme temperatures, and also several times stronger than steel. The combination of the two makes the APM very hard to damage with light to medium weapons. The wall dividing the shop from the pilots compartment is of similar thickness and treated in the same way.

External Door: The door on the AMP is specially imported from NovaCorp, and is formed of perfect Iron. The door is actually three different series of interlocking plates, each one split in a different way. The first has a division of the plate diagonal from the bottom left to the top right, the second is horizontal halfway up the door, and the third is vertical, the division in the center of the door. These doors are thus are extremely damage resistant, and can only be opened by entering a certain code into a pad at the left of the door, sending a certain (and highly secret) radio message to the interior computer. This is changed daily. Other than this it can only be opened from the Pilots Compartment.

Internal door: This is the door that is used to get from the shop to the passenger compartment. It is four inches thick, and formed of titanium-steel-thorium alloy, with an ultrahard fullerite laminate over it. This was a last minute addition, because Emrys Industries wanted to try out a new substance. Ultrahard Fullerite is a special version of the fullerene family, which uses three-dimensional polymer bonds, and is actually harder than diamond, between 1.5 and 2.1 times as hard, depending on what type of diamond you are comparing it to. As such it is extremely damage resistant.

Airlock System: The doors of the AMP are airtight, a measure made to make sure that the APW does not fall victim of gas attacks. In addition, their is an airtight seal between the shop and the pilots compartment.

Environmental Systems: The AMP has an Environmental system which ensures that the atmosphere is always at a comfortable level, and keeps the air humidity at a refreshing standard.

Air Recycling System: The APW has two separate air recycling systems, one in the shop and one in the pilots compartment. They are very efficient, utilising artificial catalysts and enzymes to split carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbon, and feeding oxygen back into the system. This way people can survive for close to ten hours or more inside the shop, twenty four within the pilots compartment. If only one person is in the shop, it could last indefinitely.

Shields: The AMP has a conformal shield around it, capable of opening a whole for access through the door. This shield is a considerable step up from the earlier Armored Transports shields, and is capable of enduring medium, and some heavyish weapons without much damage. A separate shield protects the underside of the AMP.

Sensor and Computer Systems: The AMP has 360 degree surveillance of the surroundings with cameras seeing into all of the EM spectrum, radar, and an interesting sensor that detects vibrations along the ground, which requires the AMP to be stationary.

Computer System: The Salesman serves as the AMP’s computer. It is a semi-AI, an advanced computer with enough processing power to imitate being sentient, but is in fact not so, this allows it to use up a great deal less power. The Salesman is capable of driving and steering the vessel, sending distress signals, targeting the maser pods, etc. However it does not have the ability to override the pilots, meaning that even if it was hacked into, it would not be altogether helpful. Hacking into it is not easy however, it has some very sophisticated anti-hacker programming, and while a full AI or Megami would not have much difficulty with it, a human hacker would have significant difficulties.


Laser: Only good for line of site communication, however hard to block and hack into. Radio: Has a much further range. If granted permission by Nepleslia, Emrys will put a satellite in orbit to allow for more efficient communication.


External Maser Pods (4): These black semi-orbs, one on each corner of the APM's roof, masers in a variety of powers at incoming targets. They can be used either to cause great pain, loss of consciousness, or on their most powerful settings, serious damage and almost certain death.

  • Location: One on each of the AMP's corners.
  • Primary Purpose: Deterrence, submission.
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-medium to heavy troops. Anti-light vehicles when two or more beams are targeted at the same target.
  • Damage: Light to Heavy.
  • Range: 500m
  • Rate of Fire: 1 beam per 1.2 seconds
  • Payload Effectively unlimited as long as the power source lasts.

Internal Maser Pods (4): For use if customers are not what they seem to be, or are violent, the internal maser pods fire non-lethal power maser beam.

  • Location: One on each of the shops corners.
  • Primary Purpose: Deterrence, submission.
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-invasion.
  • Damage: Light to Medium. Can easily cause massive pain and lack of conciousness in even light-medium armoured targets.
  • Range: 10m
  • Rate of Fire: 1 beam per second
  • Payload Effectively unlimited as long as the power source lasts.
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