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Senjo Shefu

Senjo Shefu is a player character played by Sparkee0213.

Senjo Shefu
Species & Gender: Minkan Male
Date of Birth: YE 18
Organization: Star Army Reserve
Occupation: Chef
Rank: Chui
Current Placement: Fort Victory Reserve Center

Physical Description

Senjo is a Caucasian male about 6'1โ€œ. He has green eyes with blonde hair. He is very lean, cooking healthy meals for himself and his crew to keep them physically fit and healthy. His majority of his body mass is muscle, and he weighs about 174 lbs. He usually smells like whatever he cooks in the kitchen, with maybe a hint of orange aftershave. He has American-esque features, able to trace his ancestors from Nepleslia. He has no tattoos and stubble for facial hair. He has a deeper than average voice, but not too deep that he has to speak loudly.


Senjo is very sociable and approachable. He is often the first one to introduce himself, forming connections with his crew and finding what they like and dislike. He is a people-pleaser, and works hard to keep his kitchen, person, and bunk clean. He would be considered brave, always willing to take a chance with new flavors and ingredients. His goal is to explore and invent new meals, his motivation is to keep his crew and friends happy with good-tasting and healthy meals that they would want more of. He often shaves and washes his hands, keeping himself very clean and proper.


Senjo Shefu was born in YE 18.

Senjo went to school on Yamatai, working at his family's restaurant when he was old enough. When he graduated school, he enlisted in the Star Army of Yamatai to become a cook and explore new places. His mother was proud, but his father was disappointed, wanting Senjo to inherit the family business. He passed basic training, learning basic skills. He then went to the culinary school, learning Yamatain dishes and other skills there.

His family can have their roots traced to Nepleslia, living there until his grandparents moved to Yamatai before the Nepleslian Independence Movement. His grandparents then died in the Great Plague of YE 08, leaving his father in the care of other family who had survived. He had many friends growing up, often giving them discounts and cooking for them at his family's business. Before he became Minkan like his parents, he was originally Human.

Social Connections

Senjo Shefu is connected to: Mother: Amy Shefu Father: Luke Shefu

Skills Learned


Can speak effectively on a radio, able to call medical assistance and speak to others. He is able to trade effectively, often getting the better deal. He also can speak the most common languages.

Star Army Common Skills

During basic training and through service courses, he has learned the basic required skills of all Star Army personnel. This includes anything from emergency starship repair to emergency medical practice.


While in basic, he learned hand-to-hand combat as well as basic weapons training. He is proficient with an NSP, using it for personal defense on away missions while gathering ingredients. He relies on Infantry for further defense, however.


Because of his experience in his family's business, he is familiar with the Kessaku OS, and is able to take inventory and file reports of the galley using any terminal on a starship.


Senjo is proficient in all fields of mathematics taught in basic and general education. As a chef, he uses math all day when measuring ingredients and determining how much food to make each meal.


His main occupation, he is able to make any dish, preferring healthy meals on and off assignment. He can cater to any personal needs and preferences as well.

Inventory & Finance

Senjo Shefu has the following items:

Star Army Standard Issue Items

OOC Information

OOC Notes

Written quickly for an Open RP plot, will make more detailed changes. In the case Sparkee0213 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameSenjo Shefu
Character OwnerSparkee0213
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use
Approval Threadโ€ฆ
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusReserve
SAOY RankChui
SAOY OccupationStar Army Cook
SAOY AssignmentFort Victory Reserve Center
DOR YearYE 43

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