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Jackson Muller

Jackson Muller is a Active Player Character played by nugget.

Jackson Muller
Species & Gender: Male Nepleslian
Organization: Yamatai
Occupation: Infantry
Rank: Private first class
Current Placement: Infantry

Physical Description

5'4, Brown eyes, Brown hair, sun kissed skin, Caucasian, slightly fit, 176 pounds, short hair. has a “Fresh of the boat” look, speaks fastly.


Jacksons end goal is gaining connections, money, and skills through his military service. He tends to get along with others, and he can be considered a person once you get to know him Social. However, tend to slack off a bit, and sometimes doesn't do what hes told. In almost any occasion, he tends to be cautious and approaches problems from a neutral stand point and learns the facts before making a decision. He likes to gamble, playing the poker variation known as texas hold em and blackjack are two of his favorites. Hes never had a girlfriend. He broke almost all of his ties with pacifist family when he joined the military. Likes to make bets. a lot. He probably has a gambling addiction.


Jackson Muller was born 31日 5月 20 on Yamatai (Planet) in the city Kobe. He was born to a pacifist family. Throughout his childhood, his family always told him against becoming an “Militant boot licker”. In his teen years, Jack became infatuated with the idea that no one could become someone after they became a soldier and worked his way up through the ranks. When he Joined the military, his family cut ties with him.

Skills Learned

Communication, Fighting, Technology operation, Mathematics, Minor Maintenance.

Social Connections

Jackson Muller is connected to:

Almost no one. The only ones he has is just old boot camp friends and a guy who sold him gyros.

Inventory & Finance

Jackson Muller has the following:

Nepleslian Standard Issue Equipment and a green beret he won in a poker match

Jackson Muller currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by nugget on 12, 16 2022 at 21:58 using the Character Template Form.

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Character Data
Character NameJackson Muller
Character Ownernugget
Character StatusActive Player Character

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