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Creighton Marks

Creighton Alexander Marks
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Species: Yamataian
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years (28 years as Nepleslian)
Height: 5' 3“ (160cm)
Weight: 121 lbs. (55kg)
Organization Motoyoshi Clan
Rank Chui (Resigned)
Occupation Support Staff
Current Placement None

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 3” (160cm) Mass: 121 lbs. (55kg)

Build and Skin color: An average build, Creighton is well toned. His body has undergone changes into a much leaner and tightly shaped man. His skin is a light tan from the simulated lighting he's worked under for so long. Facial Features and Eye color: A slightly longer nose that most, but otherwise his face is natural and unscarred. His brown eyes are set slightly deeper into the skull than most. His eyes also seem to be either closed or open halfway, as if he were sleeping. Hair color and Style: Upon receiving his transfer to a Yamataian body, Creighton grew his dirty blond hair out to a reasonable length. A scattered bowl cut with a slightly longer section in the back of the head.

Distinguishing Features: Creighton has no distinguishing marks on himself. His mannerisms and motion varies greatly, sometimes being over the top and other times being subtle and unmoving.

General Information

Mother: (unknown) Father: Victor Marks Uncle: Percival Marks


A quiet wallflower. Creighton learned from an early age not to make himself known and to observe before speaking. His past has taught him to be comfortable in social settings. Creighton finds intelligence desirable, especially those with knowledge of drama, so he tends to gravitate towards those who display it. If confronted by a lack of intelligent conversation he'll simply smile and walk away. Creighton is hardly a spoiled brat, he's worked hard to attain everything he has. He has high values for hard work along with intelligence.

After a time with an eccentric streak of behavior, Creighton has returned somewhat to his more demure attitudes. His experiences aboard the Yugumo and its aftermath have seemed to sober the young man. His apparent death unsettling him. Psychological reports stated the he may have developed a mood disorder, but no major inquiry was launched. Creighton himself believes that his world is crashing down around him. A troubled split between him and his father and uncle, a seemingly failed mission of importance, and being relegated to a desk job by the Fifth Fleet's command. As he has begun working in the new setting, Creighton has become more stressed. He is finding ways to cope as he continues to put forth his characteristic hard work.

Likes: A good play, sleeping, relaxing in general, decent blues or jazz music, womanizing Dislikes: Loud music and noise, working too hard, people who are too stiff


Creighton Alexander Marks was born the son of a Nepleslian diplomat on Yamatai. His mother was one of the few women known by the Nepleslian government and used to help the population keep from starving out. Creighton spent much of his formative years in the care of his father's brother, Percival. Percival was charged with the care of the family estate, while his brother developed his career in politics.

When he turned 9, Creighton returned to his father's care. From now on he was introduced into the world of intergalactic politics. He would attend social events and watch his father from the shadows, absorbing what he could. He also was tutored extensively during this time. He eagerly absorbed the field of drama and was on his way to becoming an actor when his father dropped a bombshell on his plans.

Because he had served time in the Star Army, Creighton's father saw it fit to send his son into military service. Creighton resisted at first, but eventually feel into line and began to flow along with millions of other soldiers. His father's connections easily landed him in comfortable, but hard working positions. He served as a technical serviceman aboard a transport for a number of years. Eventually when he was received into the officer training program he was sent back to Yamatai where he wined and dined with his father and diplomats as well as exceeded expectations at the Kyoto Officer Training School.

Upon completion of the Officer school he was sent to the 5th Expeditionary Fleet and served as a capital ship pilot for numerous vessels in the fleet. However after recent events and tragedies he has requested a transfer back to Yamatai to await further orders.

After a time performing clerical and instructional work at the Kyoto College, Creighton recieved the orders to transfer his body to that of acceptable Star Army standards. Seeing himself as a non-combatant Creighton accepted a transfer to the NH-22C Yamataian body type. While his father and uncle agreed to his decision, their displeasure was obvious. Tensions had forced the two men to return to their other estate on Nepleslia, leaving Creighton with reign of the Marks estate on Yamatai. And with the rising tensions, Creighton returned to the damaged 5th ready to aid the YSS Yūgumo.

Upon his return to the Yūgumo, Creighton took part in the rowdy and heated pre-launch party. Throughly exhausted and happy, he turned in for the night only to be awakened and disturbed on several occasions. Thinking it was him, Creighton checked in with the ship's medical staff, at which time he also secured his ST backup.

The following morning, Creighton aided the bridge crew as the embarked from the Fifth's staging area. He also manned the Yūgumo's weapon systems when they engaged SMX forces in a surprise skirmish. Unfortunately an infection on board the ship compromised it and the Yūgumo was destroyed in an effort to destroy the outbreak. Luckily, Creighton's ST backup was stable and able to be revived during the retrieval operations. However, Creighton's personality seemed to become disquieted. With this, the Fifth Fleet placed Creighton at a desk job on board one of the non-combat ships.

Here Creighton languished. Feeling inept and broken, the Yamataian was considering leaving the military. But his own father had gotten wind of the Yūgumo's fate and demanded that his son regain some sense of honor before returning home. The father and son bickered until neither would speak to the other. At this point Creighton felt that he was nearing the low point in his 9 year military career. Resorting back to a vice from his early days, Creighton began to take stimulants and various other medications to try and calm himself. However, a chance meeting between a representative of the Motoyoshi Clan would turn his life back around.

Following a blazingly quick interview and review process Creighton found himself delivering his request for resignation. As he was dismissed from the military, the young man returned to his home estate on Yamatai. Now free from the regulations, Creighton took up his family's wine business in hopes of returning to a more profitable time. He also now found himself working under some of the most powerful individuals in Yamatai. With his new life in his hands, Creighton cautiously awaits the future and its baggage.

Current Assignment

Creighton has is serving as a member of the Motoyoshi clan, accepting many positions over his time there. He is currently acting as both and escort, assistant, and bodyguard for Motoyoshi Tio and Tange-Katsura Ayana.



From his basic training, Creighton has a understanding of basic radio, laser, and tachyon based communication devices. He is able to use the effectively and has a very basic understand of encryption. Creighton also learned from watching his father how to effectively communicate with others and get them to hear what they want to hear.


Creighton learned to fight in hand to hand in basic training, as well as shoot energy rifles and pistols. His knowledge on fighting is very basic. He prefers nonviolent conclusions to subjects.


From his tutoring and basic training Creighton has learned about algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and differential equations. He is by no means an expert in any of these fields, but he uses them constantly in his work as a pilot.

Technology Operation (Starship):

Creighton served as a technical serviceman during his early stages of his military career. This has given him knowledge about how to operate and effectively use the Kessaku Electronics System. This training has also given him a chance to understand most of the other onboard ship systems, as well as perform basic maintenance on them. Later on, his officer training gave him a greater understanding of the ship's AI systems and bridge control systems. He took specific note of helm and navigation systems.

Starship Operation:

Creighton's officer training allowed him to train as a full fledge capital ship pilot. He was trained in astrometrics, starship navigation, and helm control. He is an effective pilot that is no nonsense about his navigation. He does not want to take risks that put the entire ship and crew in danger. He has a understanding of other bridge systems but has focused mainly the helm.

Humanities (Political Science):

Creighton has observed his father's work as a diplomat for close to 11 years. From this he has learned the subtleties of politics and their distant world. When he was tutored he was given some courses on political science. These training courses, as well as his observations also help him react to others in officer settings while in the Star Army.

Entertainment (Acting):

From a young age, Creighton fell in love with drama and acting. His uncle, Percival, introduced him to many works of the older generations. And his father, who was also a fan of plays, would take Creighton to productions on Yamatai. His tutors were also experienced actors that helped instruct Creighton on voice projection and line recitation. He was also ready to attend his first drama tryouts when he was ordered to join the Star Army. Once out of the military Creighton wishes to try once again for that chance. He continually practices in is off time.


Civilian Clothes

  • Dozens of button up shirts
  • 6 pairs of khaki style pants
  • 2 Tuxedos wear outfit (Black, White)
  • 3 Three-Piece Suits (1 Navy Blue, 1 Gray, 1 Olive Green)
  • Dozens of undergarments
  • 3 pairs of dress shoes (1 Solid Black, 1 Dark Brown, 1 Black & White)
  • 1 pair of leather shoes, light brown


Accessory Items

  • Wooden Medal Case, velvet interior, engraved with Star Army logo on top
    • Rank Pin, Chui
  • Business cards, Vintage Special Red Vineyards
  • Various drugs, mostly stimulants

Medals and Service Records

Monetary Assets

  • Electronic Cash Card: Undisclosed
  • Miscellaneous Funds:
    • Marks Yamatai Estate; estimated several million KS
    • Vintage Special Red, Marks family wine; business estimated in several million KS
    • “Special” favors, owed to Marks family; estimated several thousand KS
Character Data
Character NameCreighton Marks
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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