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Veronica Roux

Veronica is an NPC controlled by GM Syaoran who appears in the The Wayward plot.

Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Organization: Rot Mädchen
Occupation: Proprietress
Current Placement:

Character Description

Veronica is a 6 foot tall Nepleslian woman with a well endowed and well built figure. Her honey skin and sharp green eyes are off set by vibrant layered red hair that reaches down to her hips. Do to some alien genes in her genetics this hair is actually prehensile and has become Veronica's defining trait.

Generally she is a calm and docile woman who is friendly to everyone she meets. However those that know her know that she has a side much more resembling the stereotypical Nepleslian. She will even hit a customer if they're misbehaving too much.

History and Relationship Notes

Veronica used to serve as a Marine, and had her fair share of battles in her life time. However near the end of the second Mishhu war, she ended up separated from her unit and was never heard from again. Though she was put down as MIA it was assumed that she was killed in battle. However the truth was much different. She had been captured by slavers. The group was run by a Nightmare type and was being used to gather laborers for NMX weapon production. However after the war the slaves continued to work as well as be used as 'entertainment' for customers as the Nightmare type tried to build her own empire.

It was here that Veronica met Tanja Dunst and they eventually escaped. After the escape Veronica did not want to return to the military and retired. She decided to settle down and start Rot Mädchen. Though she doesn't usually occupancy Tanja on her journeys she still helps out by collecting information from customers about interesting things going on, and lets Tanja use the place as an HQ and dorm for her crew.

OOC Notes

Created by Syaoran 2014/10/10 16:04

Character Data
Character NameVeronica Roux
Character OwnerSyaoran
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use
Current LocationRot Mädchen

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