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Aden Drake

Aden Drake is a player character played by enutter.

Aden Drake
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: YE 19
Organization: Freelance
Occupation: Wing Leader
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Guarding Indomitable

Preferred Plots:

  1. Unaffiliated

Physical Description

About 5'10“ with short curly/wavy hair. Thin, almost wiry, frame but muscular.


Reserved and borderline antisocial but loyal and dependable when he opens up. Having grown up on a farm, Aden had little knowledge of the greater galaxy and can come off as ignorant. Despite this, or perhaps the reason for, Aden has a desire to learn and is a quick study. Detests the term “Green”.


Aden Drake grew up with his family on the planet Showdown, on a farm just outside the farming town of Ten Paces Acre. Aden's youth was boring for lack of a better word. However his life would never be the same after an ill conceived purchase by his father. The small drone they used for crop dusting had broken down so Aden's dad, Dawthon, left for the city to either find a replacement drone or parts to repair the current one. Instead he returned with an extremely run down Scimitar Starfighter. Dawthon had wanted to use it as a replacement for the drone as well as a nice fix-me-up project. The ship came fairly cheap and was, relatively speaking, in good condition. However the onboard ai refused to function. Fortunately, Dawthon managed to get his old drone working but never stopped tinkering. For Aden it was love at first sight. Upon seeing it he commented that it looked like a dragonfly. Taking a liking to the name Dawthon dubbed it “Dragonfly”. It took a couple years, but in Aden's adolescence he accidentally discovered the solution. Aden had been studying the onboard computer when he noticed that a part with architecture unlike the rest of the ship. He unceremoniously ripped off the part. The ships systems sprang to life. With the Dragonfly flying again Aden and his father began trying to teach themselves to fly it. Aden loved it. The grease, the flying, the feeling of freedom. All of it and more. He quickly showed a knack for flying, quickly surpassing his father. The experience left Aden with a want to learn more of how to fly. So he joined the local naval academy. But when Aden joined the local navy academy he found something tragic. The academy was a rundown little school of no import, with teachers that didn't care and students that joined because they were too lazy to farm. After learning the basics he dropped out of the academy. Returning home he helped on the farm while refining his skills. After catching wind of a ship in need if a crew he bid farewell to his family, purchased some gear with his remaking funds, and set off for an uncertain future.

Social Connections

Aden Drake is connected to:

Skills Learned


Is fluent in Trade(Nepleslian). And very, very basic and broken Yamataigo. Has basic radio skills.


Having repaired the Scimitar fighter from youth, Aden is familiar with all of its functions and most repairs. Also possessing an almost sixth sense for machinery he can generally tell what is wrong with other machines. He also has the know-how to perform rudimentary maintenance on his flight suit.


Having trained at the small military academy on his home planet Aden is familiar with most standard small firearms as well as hand to hand combat.


While receiving basic flight training from the naval academy, most of Aden's skill comes from self teaching. Years of piloting have left almost a sixth sense for the spatial awareness of his ship.


Middling intelligence but a love for chess and most traditional card games.

Inventory & Finance

Aden Drake has the following items:

1 HHG ‘High Hybrid Gun’ with 3 clips. Two sets of green over shirts, khaki pants, Socks, Boots, and white under shirts(purchased). 1 Origin Armored Pilot Suit (Bought used shortly before leaving.Its appears slightly patchy due to the limited materials used to repair the suit. Despite this the suit functions but less than optimally. Dyed green.) Combat knife(Family Heirloom)


A rusted and beaten up Scimitar Starfighter. Dragonflies painted on either side of the ship.

OOC Information

OOC Notes

In the case enutter becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameAden Drake
Character Ownerenutter
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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