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Hi-Rise 105mm Mass Driver

The Hi-Rise 105mm Mass Driver is a Nepleslian vehicular weapon that fires Vehicle Grade UMD Canisters at high velocities.

About the (Insert Weapon Name Here)

(The In Character Reason For Designing The Weapon. Optional: Include History if Applicable, May Be Subdivided Into Own Section)

Nomenclature Information

  • Designer: (Person(s), Group or Company, etc Responsible For Weapon's Design)
  • Manufacturer: (Person(s), Group or Company, etc Responsible For Weapon's Manufacture)
  • Name: (Insert Weapon Name)
  • Type: (Type Of Weapon, ie; Plasma, Gauss, Chemical Projectile Propulsion etc)
  • Role: (Role Of Weapon, ie; Assault Rifle, Squad Support Weapon, Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher, ect)
  • Length: (may also include width and height if appropriate)
  • Weight: (in both imperial and metric, ie pounds and kilograms)



Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: (Describe the visible light that comes from the end of the weapon as it discharges. Include the shape of the muzzle flash as well as size and color)
  • Retort: (Optional: describe the sound of the weapon firing)
  • Projectile/Beam Appearance: (Optional: if applicable only. What does the projectile or beam fired out of the weapon look like? What is its color, if applicable? What is the projectile's visibility? Brightness?)
  • Effective Range: (maximum range at which usage is practical)
  • Rate of Fire: (in rounds per second or rounds per minute)
  • Recoil: (degree and pattern of weapon movement upon firing)

Ammunition (Or 'Energy Source' if applicable)

  • Ammunition:(Ammunition MUST Be Linked As Separate Article)
  • Purpose: (Damage Rating here - Tier XX, Heavy/Medium/Light Anti-Personnel/Armor/Mecha/Starship/Capital Ship)
  • Round Capacity: (Ammunition/Charges Carried Per Battery/Capacitor/Magazine/Shots or Time to Overheat + Cooldown Time)

(Optional: Chart is for multiple ammunition types or firing modes)

(Insert Ammo Name/Weapon Name for Firing Modes) Damage Quickchart
(Type/Mode) Purpose

(Optional: Give a brief summary of the ammunition describing what it is and what it is capable of doing to targets)

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism:(How does the weapon operate and cycle so that it fires? How does it proceed to fire the next round after the first? Pump action, recoil operation, gas operation, capacitor/battery recharging the apparatus?)
  • Loading:(How is the weapon loaded with ammunition/powered up/recharged?)
  • Mode Selector:(How is the safety and fire mode selector operated?)
  • Firing Modes:(Describe the firing modes available to the weapon)
  • Safety Mechanism: (Optional: If separate from firing mode selector only)
  • Weapon Sight:(How is the weapon aimed? Describe the sighting apparatus used to properly aim the weapon and its operation.)
  • Attachment Hard Points:(Optional:Is there an inbuilt method of attaching additional tools and equipment? If so, what type of system? How many, and where?)



  • (Insert Weapon Name): (Insert Price in KS, DA, etc)

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • (Insert Weapon Part/Component Name): (Insert Price in KS, DA, etc)

Optional Attachments

  • (Insert Attachment Name): (Insert Price in KS, DA, etc)


(Insert Ammo Name) Price Quickchart
Type Price (100 Round Box)

OOC Notes

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