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Bridge of Sighs

This system is relatively bare, containing only a single star as far as natural stellar bodies go. There is a set of what appears to be six large, hexagonal Gateways orbiting the star, along with numerous minor communications relay satellites. There is also a handful of military satellites wired to attack anyone who tampers with the physical hardware of the nearby gates.

Receives its name from the fact that beyond this point the stars can no longer be seen in their true form; unstable spacetime warps and blurs constellations to the point that any sort of astronomy is impossible.

May also refers to the fact many Freespacers have given up the β€œfreedom” of unbound conventional space travel for the gate-only method of moving safely within the rift. Those who are particularly afraid of Yamatai may dwell inside for extended periods of time, choosing to brave unstable space rather than risk an attack by the YSE. For these individuals, the passage at the Bridge of Sighs truly was the last time they have ever seen real stars.

Stellar Bodies


M9 V Red Dwarf

  • Radius: 2.99 x 105 km (0.43 x sol)
  • Mass: 7.36 x 1029 kg (0.37 x sol)
  • Temperature: 2000 K
  • Luminosity: 1.83 x 1025 W (0.05 x sol)
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