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YSS Kenage

YSS Kenage is a roleplaying plot created November 17, 2019 by GM Sourdoughy.

  • Link to Plot OOC Thread

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.


YSS Kenage
Forum Link N/A
Type Play-by-Post
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Game Master Sourdoughy
Pacing One post every week, once per GM post.
Number of Players 1
Accepting Players? Yes!
Joining Requirements Tag Sourdoughy in all character submissions on forum.
Starting Date N/A

Rules and Pacing


Language 2, Sex 1, Violence 2


The YSS Kenage is a medium-paced play-by-post plot.

It’s expected that players post once a week, in addition to one post per GM post. Two weeks of absence without a notification will lead to a warning, and three weeks will result in a removal from the plot.


Characters and Players

Character Player Notes

Open Positions

Specifically, the plot will need a minimum of:

  • 1 Medic (as Chief Medical Officer)
  • 2 Medics
  • 2 Infantry
  • 2 Infantry (higher-ranked personnel, preferably experienced players)
  • 1 Communications/Missions Operator
  • 1 Safety Monitor
  • 1 Engineer as Systems Monitor
  • 4 Engineers
  • 2 Scientists

Some of these positions, such as Engineer/Systems Monitor or Communications/Missions Operator, will be Bridge positions specifically. Other positions are open, and more of everything could be needed, but these are the preferred amounts.


Pre-Mission 1

Captain Haankava Kukkanen’s troubles started when, overconfident, she disobeyed command and fought a battle she couldn’t win. Now, after four months recovering in a hospital and a year of mandatory unpaid leave, she’s been assigned to the YSS Kenage, a Chiaki-class (1B) Escort Destroyer with a fresh, inexperienced crew, ready to fight for the Yamatai Star Empire and prepared to help solve their internal affairs. While they won’t be doing any fighting on the front lines of the Kuvexian War, the ship will provide valuable services to citizens within the Yamatai Star Empire’s domain. As reluctant as she is to be placed in a role that won’t get much public attention, she’s ready to win back the trust in command, even if she doesn’t quite understand the lesson she was intended to learn yet.

Preparing for their maiden voyage, the crew are excited to discover whatever dangers and new adventures lie within their empire’s borders.

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