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Office 8412

Office 8412, also known as BAD Office (for the appearance of the numbers on the door) internally, is an information network slowly being built by Kage Yaichiro for the purposes of gathering information on possible threats to galactic peace, and other missions which Yaichiro deemed necessary. Currently, BAD Office is again active, responsible for relaying both general military and political data on the KMS and the enemy at her borders as well as encrypted technical information between Yaichiro and Nishitama City (The Horizon-class Colony ship orbiting Sanctuaty in the KMS) regarding Project THOUGHT. Recent signs of information leaks in either the 1st XF's Command Structure or SAINT to the NMX have given cause for a rushed reactivation and reassignment of priorities โ€“ especially since the main office in Nishitama City is on one of the closest civilian settlements to the KMS' core system, Planet Himiko.


Upon the revelation of Kitsurugi Uesu's knowledge of the Plague of YE 08, and his potential but unproven involvement, Yaichiro found Uesu guilty of, at minimum, hiding the truth for 22 years. Once the Imperial Seat returned to the Ketsurui clan, and Uesu's grandchild, Yaichiro feared that Uesu or his staff would attempt to return the Empire to his hands, or to a conquering state.

Yaichiro is a progressivist, and sees Himiko's conservative progressivism as a prime opportunity to better Yamatai, but also a political vulnerability since she has familial ties to Uesu, and has shown herself to be distracted by the UOC and Halna, rather than internal threats.

For this and other reasons, BAD Office was formed in YE 30 to gather information, if possible, on the KMS and other areas where Uesu and his personnel held and may still hold power. It's main purpose was to add internal stability to the various factions, shielding them from internal and external threats by giving advance notice and collected evidence.

Time has cooled Yaichiro's rage toward Uesu, and the NMX have become the enemy of the new decade. Due to this, they are generally responsible for communicating the general political and military status of the KMS to Yaichiro, though they are more allocated to handling the data relating to Project THOUGHT as well as searching for information leaks and interesting communications. More recently, signs of the 1st XF's or SAINT's command structure having a notable leak have appeared, though no concrete evidence supports it. Due to this, Yaichiro was forced to reactivate BAD Office after two years of relative obscurity in YE 32. In its current form, it is a more pro-Yamataian effort than a universal one, due to the lack of resources on other worlds.


Administrator/Master Director

At the very top of BAD Office is the Master Director, a.k.a. Administrator, which is Yaichiro himself. Yaichiro has sole control of BAD Office, sole control of who enters BAD Office, and selects Missions.

Site Director

Next in the Tier is the Site Director. This Site Director is Yaichiro's representative at any given site, and acts as the CO. The CO is expected to operate with some autonomy, and communicate with Yaichiro regularly through encrypted channels.

Communications Analyst (CA)

This person monitors communications in the area. This person has it quite rough, as most communications are well encrypted. However, one never knowsโ€ฆ

Political/Public Analyst (PPA)

Analysing the political situatiion in a given area, and also the public response in a given population, the PPA determines signs of a political shift in power toward certain individuals, or toward a different mentality in the way the government is run in that area.

Media Analyst (MA)

They watch the media and coordinates with the PPA to monitor public opinion of various topics and officials.

Fleet Analyst (FA)

This person measures fleet strength, and constantly tries to determine increases or decreases in power, but how many of each ship are where in a given area of space. While difficult, this can indicate strategic planning or indications of combat operations against a specific target.

Diplomatic Analyst (DA)

Watching the interaction of target nations, they monitor the political situation between sovereign nations, to determine the diplomatic situation between them.


This is the base unit of information gathering. They seek out and collect information relevant to BAD Office, and send it to them.

Mission Outline

Note that BAD Office may not have the means of completing these missions at this time.

The primary purpose of BAD Office is not to destabilize, but to ADD stability, and generally watch out for civilian interests. Most elements of BAD Office, however, are Yamataian and are geared toward Yamataian interests.

General Missions

These are general missions assigned to all personnel, and are considered of optimal importance.

1st XF/SAINT Information Leak Detection

Signs of an information leak have appeared, though the evidence is insufficient to present. Due to the suspected sabotage of a top secret mission (details classified), this leak is suspected to be somewhere in the 1st XF's or SAINT's Upper Command Structure. This is especially urgent because Nishitama City (YSS Nishitama) is a site of civilian living and travel which is very close to the core world of the KMS โ€“ the leak could very well be from within.

Uesu Loyalists/Expansionists

Watch Uesu's old allies for efforts to undermine Yamatai's emerging progressivist policies.


Watch for Mishhu influence in any capacity, especially via communications.

Interstellar Politics

Observe relations between the various nations, predict potential problems and points of conflict.

Interstellar Fleet Strength

Observe positions, types, and numbers of ships, to determine the status of the Balance of Power and possible problems.

Project THOUGHT Specific

Project THOUGHT Data

Relay data on Project THOUGHT as needed via encrypted channels and with text encoding.

Yamatai Specific

Invasion Watch

Observe for areas of attack which the Mishhu may utilize and warn the Yamataians anonymously to strengthen those locations. Works with Mishhu communications monitoring.

UOC Specific

Blockout Monitoring

Listen for any communications from the UOC which escape the communications blackout. Attempt to learn the situation as best possible with collected information. Also listen for Mishhu communications from the area. Works with Mishhu communications monitoring.

Nepleslia Specific

Invasion Watch

Observe for areas of attack which the Mishhu may utilize and warn the Nepleslians anonymously to strengthen those locations. Works with Mishhu communications monitoring.


Primary Locations

KMS, YSS Nishitama/Nishitama City, Office 8412

Secondary Locations

Core YSE, Yamatai, Kyoto

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