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HMS Remscheid

A slightly modified form of the Löwenhertz II-class Destroyer, the HMS Remscheid was a Lowenhertz IIB-class Destroyer built by Abwehran Imperial Yards in AF 260.

Rescheid in Roleplay

Not accepting new characters

The Rescheid plot ship was primarily an action plotship, with occasional adventuring and detective work to spice up things and allow social interaction. The plot was primarily single posts (SP). Please send the player Scot a link of your character approval if you wish to participate in roleplay, then edit this wiki page with a link to your character's wiki at the appropriate space, I can help you if you need it too. =P

Plot had ended, this is the thread here

Remscheid's History

A new Destroyer Escort built in First Quarter of 260 AF (YE 31), the HMS Remscheid was placed in one of the large bays of Weltraumflotte HQ as training for a crew began. Its intended launch is during AF 260 (YE 31).

Its first mission is to escort a merchant ship, a pirate ship that had a stolen fighter drone hive blocked their way before the Marines of the Remscheid boarded the craft and blew it up from the inside.

Crew of the HMS Remscheid


Assault Team 1

  • Stabsbootsmann - Hadumar Baldwin (N)

Defense Team

  • Maat Feperte Schoneit (Inactive)

Former/Deceased Crewmembers

  • N/A

Ship Manifest


Standard Armory Inventory

Heavy Weapons Inventory

Cargo Storage

  • Large Water Tank
  • Parts (ship, armor, and weaponry)
  • Various Food Stuff

Crew Quarters

(Bunks listed by the Barracks Type, the side of the Barracks, Level, and number (ie. EP11 (Enlisted, Port side, 1st level, 1st bunk))

Captain's Suite

Marine/Enlisted Barracks

OOC Rescheid Information

Post at least once a week, though try for once every three days.

Requirements to join

None, I'll even welcome newbies to the best of my ability.

Player Contact Information

Player Screen Name Character Name Character Role Skype/YIM
Scot Adelheid Vogel Ship Commander
Tyler Renate Anselm Heavy Infantry
Player Screen Name Character Name Character Role Skype/YIM
Samuraipizzaman Feperte Schoneit Sniper

Positions Wanted

Until these positions are filled, they will be done via NPC.


  • +1 Squad Leader
  • +4 Marines of Various Occupations
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